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  1. We adopted a cat whose previous owners had declawed him on all four paws. I would NEVER have a cat declawed but my bf was worried about the furniture so this was the compromise. George had also been left in a home after his owner was shot to death and was considered “unadoptable”. He has turned into a very sweet and affectionate cat with some grouchiness incidents and an OCD obsession with grooming, but it’s difficult to get him to play. Also, he won’t come in the bedroom or sleep with us and has an extreme hatred of the vet, to the point where they muzzle him and have asked that we sedate him prior to visits. Any suggestions on how to get him to play and/or should I find another vet?

    • I’d have him checked out for bone shards in his paws to make sure he is not in pain. There are many botched declaw surgeries which leave bones in the wound. I think he could be scared of the vet because a vet badly hurt him when they declawed him. I think he’d be scared of any vet clinic. He may not want to play because his paws hurt. If you use a cat tease and he is disinterested there is something wrong because pretty well all domestic cats respond to a cat tease (stick with feather on end or something similar). His grouchiness points to discomfort too. Although I am guessing so if I am wrong, sorry. Good luck and well done on adopting a cat who was brutally injured by a vet in breach of their oath.

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