All Four Paws Declawed

All Four Paws Declawed

I have a 16 y/o black cat, Zelda, with beautiful green eyes. I adopted her from the local shelter after originally going there to get a kitten. Here was an 8 year old, completely declawed cat, surrounded by dozens of cute kittens.

She’d been brought there by her owner who claimed his 10 yr. old daughter was allergic. Took 8 yrs. to find that out? Zelda can be a little…uhm, bitchy, at times, but if you had a very thick coat and undercoat and had NOTHING to scratch with, wouldn’t you be a little bitchy too?

Her Nirvana is a good, rough daily brushing, esp. round her ears! She’s not the only all-four declaw I’ve had. I adopted a male years ago, Siamese colored but much too fat to be Siamese, about 6 yrs. when he drifted my way from a neighbor’s home. He fell in love with my now-husband, so the neighbor let us keep him.

He too could be a bit grouchy, but once again…The neighbor told us Jingle Bells (later changed to J.B., for the sake of dignity. I mean, neutered, no claws, (why rub salt in the wound with that name?) had been declawed by “some maniacal Italian vet.”

Don’t know if said vet was in Italy, or in the U.S. But how could ANY vet with any type of conscience take off the BACK claws of an animal, as if the front weren’t bad enough.

I hope this type of thing doesn’t happen often, but I know for a fact that it does happen. My vet doesn’t declaw and was appalled by J.B. and Zelda’s condition. CRUEL, CRUEL, CRUEL.

Hi…. I love what you say and the way you say it so I hope you can come back.

And if you have any photographs please email them to me:

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All Four Paws Declawed

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Jan 07, 2010 Petition Code
by: Michael

This is the Anti-Declaw Petition:


Jan 07, 2010 JB and Zelda
by: Ruth

How kind of you to give these poor cats a good home ! You have to be a special sort of person to understand disabled cats and the declawing was most certainly the cause of their grouchiness. Who could blame them ! It’s bad enough amputating the front 10 toes but to take the 8 back ones too is even worse.How could anyone be so cruel and how could any vet forget his oath not to harm any animal and do this dreadful thing?
I can only wish a very itchy skin complaint on those criminals but with no means to scratch themselves, and that’s letting them off lightly for their crime against those cats.
Yes it does happen sometimes, not as often as 2 paws declawed, but still too often, usually by people who worship their furniture or possessions and shouldn’t be allowed to have a cat in the first place.
We MUST get declawing banned:

Stop Delawing Petition

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Jan 06, 2010 4 Paw Declaws
by: Lisa James

I feel the same way you do, & have my fair share of them in rescue over the years, & yes, all of them had that same “bitchy” temperament, & who can blame them? It’s bad enough to do the front so they have no means of self defense, but to remove the rear ones is CRIMINAL.

I’m glad that both of these rescued cats have found a loving home with you! Please send in photos!

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  1. We adopted a cat whose previous owners had declawed him on all four paws. I would NEVER have a cat declawed but my bf was worried about the furniture so this was the compromise. George had also been left in a home after his owner was shot to death and was considered “unadoptable”. He has turned into a very sweet and affectionate cat with some grouchiness incidents and an OCD obsession with grooming, but it’s difficult to get him to play. Also, he won’t come in the bedroom or sleep with us and has an extreme hatred of the vet, to the point where they muzzle him and have asked that we sedate him prior to visits. Any suggestions on how to get him to play and/or should I find another vet?

    • I’d have him checked out for bone shards in his paws to make sure he is not in pain. There are many botched declaw surgeries which leave bones in the wound. I think he could be scared of the vet because a vet badly hurt him when they declawed him. I think he’d be scared of any vet clinic. He may not want to play because his paws hurt. If you use a cat tease and he is disinterested there is something wrong because pretty well all domestic cats respond to a cat tease (stick with feather on end or something similar). His grouchiness points to discomfort too. Although I am guessing so if I am wrong, sorry. Good luck and well done on adopting a cat who was brutally injured by a vet in breach of their oath.

      Please read this:


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