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All Petz Grooming allegedly abused a cat and has poor reviews — 8 Comments

  1. I want to cry when I see this poor cat. I hope a vet can help this poor cat, the cat has to be in constant, bad pain. Dr. Oz did a segment on groomers to make every one aware that the grooming industry in the US is completely unregulated and any one can call themselves a groomer. No training or apprenticeship or certification is required by any state either. He featured a lady whose dog died either during or right after a grooming session at Petsmart. Petsmart called the owner AFTER they just dropped the dog off at the vet AND LEFT. How do these cold as stone, disgusting people end up working with pets? So there is no Board to report these people to so they lose a license and have to stop grooming. You cannot sue them for malpractice. You would have to prove animal cruelty if you wanted to bring the groomer up on charges. I bet there would not even be an arrest but I would tell them I am consulting my lawyer about it if it was my pet just to let them know I know what they did. Exposing them on social media is better but it will not get your pet back. The woman on Dr. Oz that lost her pet says she cries every day and has to take medication because she blames herself. No one ever called her and said they were sorry her pet died, they actually refused to talk to her about what happened and would not release records.

    • You mention a big problem with groomers (other than the fact that they can harm your pet) which is that the owner voluntarily decides to use one. There is no absolute need to use a groomer as what they do can be done by the owner (more or less). If it goes wrong there is massive anguish and guilt. Thanks Michele.

  2. Never understood the need for cats to be groomed if they are healthy. Cats spend 30% of their time grooming. Also no cat in recorded history is going to like it, and then bad groomers will try to force them to “behave”. I am not blaming the victim for this horrible outcome but this should be a warning to all cat owners, just do not do it.

    • I am a former vet tech and a former pet groomer and I have groomed cats who had high end owners (wealthy) and their cats were long haired and I’m sorry but I disagree Michael and Mechele because there are certain breed of cats that need help to be groomed especially long haired cats,the busy owners prefer to cuddle with their cats after they get home so they leave the grooming to us so with that said this groomer ‘John’ or one of his staff abused that cat,never in the 5 yrs I groomed no cat was ever harmed,3 pelvic fractures tells me this cat was slammed hard or stomped on and this enrages me so bad,I hope ‘Roxy’ will be able to walk again and I hope the owner sues that groomer.

      • You are right Irish. I was imprecise. In general cats don’t need grooming but Persians and other long hairs do. However, the owner should take charge. This would avoid commercial groomers. I am sure you are a very careful and skilled groomer Irish 😉

    • I sense that they have a case. I really do. Most people don’t pursue these things though. I have used a pet groomer once. Actually it was a vet’s clinic and my cat came back somewhat traumatized. Never did it again.

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