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All things being equal a lion will win all lion vs tiger fights — 2 Comments

  1. Lions would straight destroy tigers most of the time because they are the better, more fierce fighters. Nature has evolved the male lion to be a fighter supreme. The tiger may be larger and somewhat stronger, however the lion more than makes up for this slight size disadvantage in sheer ferocity and combat moxy. Over the many centuries man has marvelled at the power, ferocity and regal bearing of these two great cats, yet it has been recorded throughout history that the mighty “King Of Beasts” have prevailed more often than not when confronting his striped cousin. Even wild animal trainer extraordinaire Clyde Beatty of American circus fame remarked that whenever his lions and tigers squabbled the lions always defeated the tigers before the fierce battles were broken up via water cannon. Lions are thugs and total bad asses who almost always give tigers a straight BEAT DOWN!

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