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Allegedly some cats eat the pellets of the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System — 19 Comments


    Wonder just how many kitties have passed from breeze pellets.Concept good ,why not change receipe

    • AnneMarie, thanks for commenting. I am so sad for your loss. Would u like to tell me some more? I might be able to write about this some more and deter cat owners from suffering from the same loss and pain?

  2. We have used the breeze system for years with no problem. Our cat andy had a respiratory infection. He couldnt smell. He ate the pellets thinking they were food. We didnt know he was eating them. Friday he passed some in his poop, and was blocked after that. They turn black after they have been through the digestive tract but do not soften or break down. My wife drove him to the animal hospital 1.5 hr away on memorial day. They performed surgery and he died. Now we have lost our cat and thousands of dollars. Why would purina make a product like this that doesnt dissolve? For over 2 weeks we gave him meds twice a day, encouraged him to eat and drink to get him through the virus. Its sad that our cat got over the respiratory virus but died from litter ingestion. The product needs to be removed and purina should cover peoples losses.

    • Thank you very much, Mike, for your story. I am shocked by it to be honest. And I am saddened. I’m so sad that your cat passed away like this. I hope that you can get over it in due course. May he rest in peace. You did your best and there’s no knowing that your cat would have eaten cat litter.

  3. Wow was just about to buy the Breeze system and this post changed my mind. So sorry for those that lost their kitties, very heartbreaking but thank you for making awareness!

  4. My MS KITTY AFTER EATING BREEZE PELLETS SUFFERED BLOCKAGE ,NOW SUFFERING KIDNEY FAILURE What action do cat parents have for all of our cats pain and suffering. My heart is broken seeing her life of love and affection coming to an because of Breeze pellets.

    • I am very distressed to hear your story, Ann Marie. There is probably not much you can do but if you want to be awfully brave and dive in at the deep end, you might sue the retailer of the cat litter that you bought and seek compensation which would include reimbursement for any veterinary bills and the pain and suffering caused by both you and your cat. The trouble with suing for compensation which is the only thing you probably can do is that you will have to prove with a considerable amount of clarity that the cat litter pellets caused the injury to your cat and that these particular pellets are attractive to a cat as something to eat. That will probably be almost impossible to prove. It may be that your cat has pica for example. Good luck to both of you.

      • MS KITTY sufferes digestive blockage/now giving her meds trying to get her to pass breeze pellets that she ate.Going back to vet 04/28/2022 for followup X-RAY when I asked Purina when I noticed her eating pellete,THEY LIED<telling me Kitty would digest.

        • Thank you AnneMarie for sharing your experience. It is valuable. This is a very disappointing cat litter. Although all cat litter has dangers for domestic cats using it. They have their heads down in the stuff and all that dust gets kicked up into their noses. I wonder how many cats have suffered ill health because of cat litter? It is a topic which is rarely talked about in any detail. I wish you good luck and I hope that your cat’s health recovers completely.

  5. I use pine pellets instead of the breeze pellets. Go to Victorian Gardens cattery and watch her video on her litter box

  6. Through adoption we took a male long haired orange tabby kitten. He was about 8 weeks old when we got him. Little Buddy was his name and he was a true joy to have in our family. We fed him Whiskas milk to him and pate food. He was doing great, but fate eating one evening he began vomiting all of his food. There was some blood, as well. After three days with only water and a little milk he began recovering. We had the Tidy cats Breeze system and I witnessed him kicking pellets out of the box to play with them. I’d collect them up and put them back, but then he started eating them. After a few days I took the Breeze system out and put a regular litter box in for the cat. A few weeks went by and after eating and playing one evening he became very lethargic. It was a Saturday, so he went to the vet Monday morning. By late afternoon the vet called and said his organs are all failing, his liver, kidneys, etc. and he’ll have to be put down. I was devastated. He was gone that night. I looked up the data sheet on the Breeze pellets and the main ingredient is silica. I knew there had to be a tie. My belief is the pellets were eaten and slowly breaking down in his intestines, but the silica was reeking havoc with his organs. The silica will cut the tissues and leave scars everywhere. He was dying. So we had to put him down. I blamed myself, but actually, I think Tidy Cats knows there are issues with these pellets and they do not know how to correct the problem. So, I would never buy that litter system or those pellets again.

    • Thank you Jeff for commenting and I’m terribly sad to read your story. I really am. It is very tragic and I’m convinced that it was the silica in this Letter. This Letter should not be for sale in my opinion. There is another page on this website and the information on that page comes from an employee of the company who makes this litter and he confirms what you have written.

  7. I started with the Tidy cat breeze system. I noticed my cat was attracted to the pellets and would eat them. She developed a blockage in her intestines. After $600 in vet bills I was told she required emergency surgery at a cost between $5100 to $6500. I could not afford this and I had to make the horrible decision of putting her down. I was devastated and still feel horribly guilty

  8. Here are x Ray’s this crap needs to be removed. My boy maine coon will be in the hospital for at least 3 to 4 more days breeze litter is dangerous it takes on the smell of there food from the poop. This then gets them eating large amounts of it.

  9. I am going through this now my cat ate the breeze cat pellets. He is in the hospital getting blood transfusions due to it making him anemic. I’m up t 4,000 in vet Bill’s this litter needs to be removed. The customer service said the same thing it will pass it does not. This product is toxic.

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