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Allegedly Walmart are poisoning feral cats — 3 Comments

  1. Utah. Need we say more. I lived in that town Micheal and nothing could drag me back there kicking and screaming.
    Personally I’m for putting something in the food and water of people who dump their pets , but hey that’s just me thinking about a perfect world where there was real justice.
    This was THE most despicable place for animal rights surpassing even rural new mexico.
    It was a shitty place to live and I have one family there that I hold dear to my heart. True animal lovers. I’m very familiar with this wally btw because I boarded my horses right behind it before and after it was built. They were crappy neighbors from day one.

    • Interesting ME. You have a ‘feel’ for the general culture of the US states which I don’t. You say that Utah is lacking in….morals? 😉 Lack of concern for animal welfare? Can you label states by their standard in animal welfare? It seems you can. I remember a chart I did on animal abuse per state.

      • I don’t think you can go by states but more by counties and some states have many. Animal control standards can vary widely between counties.

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