Allentown firefighters rescue cat and dog from house fire

A cat and dog were rescued by firefighters after a house fire broke out April 29 in the South 17th Street area of Allentown, Pennsylvania. One person was also rescued from the blaze.

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Engines 10,9, 6, 6 and Truck 2 responded to the fire under the command of Battalion 1 (C. Williams). Engine 10 used a ground ladder to rescue a lady trapped on the second-floor roof while Engine 9 stretched a line to the second floor of the three-floor duplex for a fire in a rear room.

The fire eventually vented out a rear window before the interior crew got the hose line in-service. Once the line was wet, they hit the fire and quickly knocked it down.

The dog appeared unharmed but the cat was unresponsive when first brought out and was revived after oxygen was administered by EMS.

Our thanks go out to all of the first responders who saved not only the lady trapped in the house but two precious pets.


Photos are screenshots from the actual video and therefore not very clear.

2 thoughts on “Allentown firefighters rescue cat and dog from house fire”

  1. Seemed like there was an over abundance of firefighters just walking around, and we didn’t actually see a revived cat. Nobody was actually minding it either. Great that they gave it oxygen, but…

    • I always wonder if the cat actually survives. I’ve heard of a few succumbing to smoke inhalation and lung damage days later.


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