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The Breed – Ashera (not hypoallergenic) and Ashera GD (hypoallergenic)

Without doubt this is a very handsome cat; absolutely stunning. But what is the breed? She is not registered with a cat registry such as the GCCF, CFA or TICA or any other registry. This cat has not be shown at shows and there is no breed standard. In order to accurately describe the pedigree of this cat I feel obliged to quote LifeStyle Pets in order not to misrepresent them.

The breed is a “blend …of the bloodlines of the African Serval and Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) subsequently bred with a domestic cat”. This would seem to say that the breed could be a cross between the Serval and Bengal cat (the Bengal being a cross between the ALC and a domestic cat). The Savannah is a cross between the Serval and a domestic cat and latterly the Bengal cat. The Ashera is similar in appearance and size (up to 30lbs) to the Savannah. The hypoallergenic Ashera GD was developed by crossing an Allerca GD with a “standard” Ashera.

Ashera cat

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Ashera GD © LIFESTYLE PETS Inc. Allerca Cats

The Science

Most cat breeders are small businesses. Some are hobby businesses. This is a good thing as it is easier to prioritize the welfare of the cats. They rely on experience of breeding and some knowledge of genetics to achieve the result required. LifeStyle Pets have introduced a corporate culture into cat breeding and a heightened awareness to the importance of the use of genetics to get the result required; a stunning hypoallergenic cat.

However, despite the corporate look, the cats, as I understand it, are bred at small affiliated catteries. They use genetic sequencing to analyse the gene that produces the protein in the saliva of cats that in turn results in the allergy suffered by a substantial number of people. Through careful breeding a divergent version of this gene is then produced that does not produce a protein that causes the allergic reaction. {Genetic sequencing is the process of working out the arrangement of the components of DNA.}

The cost of the cats is, I expect, justified on the bases of the investment in scientific research and quality of cat that they argue if produced. Allerca, the business, argue that it would cost a similar sum or more to modify your home to alleviate the symptoms of an allergic reaction than to buy one of their cats.

allerca cat Allerca GD © LIFESTYLE PETS Inc.

The Price

This is in a different league to other cats except the most rare and exotic. These prices are as at late 2007. Prices vary and go up. These are guidelines only. Prices respectively: $5,950, $8,950, $28,000 for Ckakan GD, Ashera GD and Allerca GD.

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  1. You are a thief. You have been found out, there are no DNA proof or answers. You take advantage of ignorant people with alot of money who want a cat… Your cats are nothing special. You are though. I do hope you are caught and put in jail, where you deserve to be.. Maybe if you were in the USA, we would get you for Mail Fraud, Rico Charges, Abuse of the elderly and many other charges. I do hope you are caught by the Prosecutor that does care what you are doing…. I’d like that for the folks you are cheating.

  2. Actually the sellers of”hypoallergenic pets” should PROVE US that they have what they claim, not the other way round!

    They can’t because it’s LİE!


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