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Allerca GD: Domestic Shorthair cat made hypoallergenic and crossed with another breed to produce med-long hair. 10-15 lbs in weight (4-8 kgs). See picture above. Buyer can select coat color and sex I understand. Chakan GD: Siamese and domestic shorthair cross made hypoallergenic as before. Smallish cat 6-8 lbs (2.5-3.5 Kg)

Chakan cat

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The arguments

Existing Exotic cat breeders and particularly Savannah cat breeders will argue that this is an overpriced unregistered F2 Savannah cat without a pedigree or a breed standard. Also the secrecy surrounding the breeding creates suspicion. Yet Allerca will argue that it is a trade secret and they have the right to protect it.

In answer of those who criticise LifeStyle Pets Inc., the registration of cats with a cat registry such as the CFA does not guarantee good practice or the prioritization of cat welfare. Most cats are moggies, healthy mixed breed cats, that never go near a show hall or registry. It seems that Allerca treat their cats as products although I might be mistaken (perhaps it is the corporate feel that sends that signal).

I am not sure about the idea of talking about Allerca cats as products, which is the impression I get. I don’t like that. However, the bottom line is that they are a cattery (or a network of catteries, I don’t know) and provided they have the welfare of their cats as a priority they are no different to any other good cattery.

Also Allerca cats as a product, appear to be of high quality. They certainly have more financial muscle than almost any other cat breeder and if that funding is transferred into cat welfare and a quality operation (as opposed to factory production), which appears to be the case, I cannot honestly see how people can criticize. I am gradually warming to this business.

There are though other issues surrounding the breeding of exotic cats and wild/domestic cat hybrids and its impact on the wild cat population. These are the wider issues that go well beyond the breeding of cats. I personally have doubts about the morality of breeding from wild cats, but this is a polarized debate with some mileage to go.

Caveat 1 (warning): Some breeders not associated with LifeStyle Pets Inc. are jumping on the bandwagon and charging Ashera GD prices for Savannahs. Beware.

Caveat 2: In an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune (6-2-08) it was reported that the Ashera GD cats exported to the Netherlands by LifeStyle Pets Inc. (associated with Allerca Cats) were allegedly Savannah F1s “supplied” by A1 Savannahs to LifeStyle Pets Inc. run by Mr Brodie. A1 Savannahs allegedly bought the cats from Chris Shirk of Cutting Edge Cats. The person making the allegation is Chris Shirk. I talk about the importation of the cats to the Netherlands on this page and A1 Savannahs are featured on the Savannah page of this website.

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  1. You are a thief. You have been found out, there are no DNA proof or answers. You take advantage of ignorant people with alot of money who want a cat… Your cats are nothing special. You are though. I do hope you are caught and put in jail, where you deserve to be.. Maybe if you were in the USA, we would get you for Mail Fraud, Rico Charges, Abuse of the elderly and many other charges. I do hope you are caught by the Prosecutor that does care what you are doing…. I’d like that for the folks you are cheating.

  2. Actually the sellers of”hypoallergenic pets” should PROVE US that they have what they claim, not the other way round!

    They can’t because it’s LİE!


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