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This is an article written for me about Allerca Cats Nov.2007 Note: this article is about the Allerca GD. As described above there are three breeds (or types). First of all, is there anything such as a hypoallergenic cat? Well, for the first time in history, with Allerca Cats, it seems that there just may be. Let’s start with the basics. Just what does hypoallergenic mean? It means that a substance has little potential of causing an allergic response. It really doesn’t mean that the substance, which in this case is a cat, is allergy free. It simply means that you have a lower risk of reacting to the substance.

The new hypoallergenic Allerca cats that are being produced by ALLERCA are a brand new alternative as to how people have been traditionally treated when they have allergies to cats. People would have to go through extensive allergy testing and then continue with costly allergy treatments and the associated health risks that accompany them. The cat allergen is a very potent protein that is secreted by the cat’s salivary glands and skin.

ALLERCA has put its focus on the naturally occurring genetic divergences, or GD, that are already present in cats but do them absolutely no harm. The result is that there is now a hypoallergenic cat that will not only improve the health but the quality of life for the many millions of cat lovers that could not own a cat due to having cat allergies. It seems that some breeds of cats produce less allergens than others. An example might be the Siberian cat. Scientists have tested this and have shown that all cats produce allergens no matter what their breed is.

The ALLERCA GD cat has been scientifically proven to help people who suffer with feline allergies. These cats were developed using the proprietary methods under ALLERCA’s pending patents. Allerca cat has been found to be playful, friendly and affectionate. The ALLERCA GD cats come in all coat patterns and colors. Their fur is medium-long and requires low maintenance and produces a minimal amount of shedding.

These cats are medium sized and average between 10 and 15 pounds. They reach maturity at about three years of age and their life expectancy is long. Their personality is affectionate and sweet. People who now own ALLERCA GD cats say that they are wonderful with children and make great family pets. How did the ALLERCA GD cat come about? A glycoprotein which is called Fel d 1 is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the cat and is the major cat allergen. The ALLERCA team began focusing on the gene that produces the Fel d 1 glycoprotein. The team used sophisticated bioinformatics to manage their cat breeding programs. The end result produced a cat that had a divergent gene that produced a different version of the Fel d 1 protein.

These GD cats no longer triggered the autoimmune system of people who were allergic to cats.Just how much will one of these ALLERCA GD cats cost? ALLERCA began delivering its GD kittens to long awaiting customers at the end of 2006. You can also be the owner of one of these little bundles if you wish to go on a waiting list of about two years and cough up $5,950.

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  1. You are a thief. You have been found out, there are no DNA proof or answers. You take advantage of ignorant people with alot of money who want a cat… Your cats are nothing special. You are though. I do hope you are caught and put in jail, where you deserve to be.. Maybe if you were in the USA, we would get you for Mail Fraud, Rico Charges, Abuse of the elderly and many other charges. I do hope you are caught by the Prosecutor that does care what you are doing…. I’d like that for the folks you are cheating.

  2. Actually the sellers of”hypoallergenic pets” should PROVE US that they have what they claim, not the other way round!

    They can’t because it’s LİE!


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