Allerca Cats

However, you do get the following for your money:

  • An ALLERCA GD kitten that is 12 weeks old
  • Complete and updated vaccinations until the time of delivery
  • The kitten will have been spayed or neutered
  • Microchip Identifier implant
  • 2 x Allergy Tests ( you will receive a complete FDA approved home allergy test)
  • ALLERCA airline certified cat transporter
  • Veterinary health certificate which is required for travel.
  • ALLERCA Starter Pack ( includes premium kitten food, cat toys, additional nail caps, and other kitten sundries)
  • Courier delivery right to you
  • One year guarantee
  • You will also receive with your special kitty a year of veterinary health insurance through Pets Best.
  • The ALLERCA GD kitten is shipped in a unique climate controlled pet carrier to assure optimum safety and comfort.

In 2004, just two months after ALLERCA made the announcement that it would create genetically modified, allergen-free cats, a suit was brought about in federal court again ALLERCA by a New York-based company called Transgenic Pets. Transgenic accused Los Angeles businessman Simon Brodie who was the owner of Geneticas Life Sciences of usurping Trangenic’s business and marketing plan, its technology and trade secrets.

All of these were used to form ALLERCA. According to the lawsuit, Dr. David Avner, who was the owner of Transgenic, had agreed to partner with Brodie and his company Geneticas to form a company called ALLERCA. Dr. Avner was to invest $2.5 million initially into the venture. Just how this saga turned out, well, that is for you and me to find out! Are there any certain health issues that may be in store for ALLERCA cats?

According to Poorva Joshipura who is PETA’s European director, he thinks that certain health issues may arise including such things as deafness, physical deformities, eye diseases and numerous other ailments. As far as I am aware there are no reports of this. Do you think it is worth all the money, time and energy just to develop a hypoallergenic cat? When all of the hype dies down, will people still turn want to buy ALLERCA cats? We will have to wait and see what the outcome to this story will be.


The only videos that I could find are ones that come from early chat shows:


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  1. You are a thief. You have been found out, there are no DNA proof or answers. You take advantage of ignorant people with alot of money who want a cat… Your cats are nothing special. You are though. I do hope you are caught and put in jail, where you deserve to be.. Maybe if you were in the USA, we would get you for Mail Fraud, Rico Charges, Abuse of the elderly and many other charges. I do hope you are caught by the Prosecutor that does care what you are doing…. I’d like that for the folks you are cheating.

  2. Actually the sellers of”hypoallergenic pets” should PROVE US that they have what they claim, not the other way round!

    They can’t because it’s LİE!


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