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This is a fully illustrated page on Allerca cats from LIFESTYLE PETS Inc. They are controversial. The controversy has died down over the years. These cats are not registered cat breeds. There is a ready-made market for hypoallergenic cats because 10% of the population are allergic to cats. The premier, top of the range Allerca cat is an F1 Savannah (see below).

Update: this page was written at the height of the controversy surrounding this ‘product’ in about 2008. It is now 2021 and the business went bust some time ago.

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Ashera cat

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Allerca Cats – The Ashera GD cat © LIFESTYLE PETS Inc.


All the photographs on this page are reproduced with the permission of LIFESTYLE PETS Inc. with my gratitude and are © LIFESTYLE PETS Inc. ALLERCA is part of LIFESTYLE PETS Inc. I have built a page about Allerca Cats because the Ashera Cat is possibly the best-looking cat worldwide, is of interest to the public and the photographs are very high quality. I am not affiliated to LifeStyle Pets.

The Ashera GD cat is one of three breeds or type of cat produced by the company Lifestyle Pets. The others are the Allerca GD and the Chakan GD. “GD” stands for “genetic divergences”. Genetic divergences mean the process whereby a species evolves (diverges) into more than one species. The GD cats are hypoallergenic. The Ashera is also bred in non-hypoallergenic form. I shall take that as meaning that Lifestyle Pets have developed a cat that is hypoallergenic and a new breed (although unrecognized by cat associations) and in doing so have mirrored divergences in the natural world.

Note: I am fully aware of the fact that a lot of Savannah cat breeders and other people argue that the Ashera is a Savannah cat. I refer to this below. I only report what I read and see. When I have firm evidence that an Ashera is a Savannah, I’ll publish it (see update below). On the basis that the Savannah cat is not hypoallergenic; if an Ashera is a hypoallergenic Savannah, the Ashera is then not a Savannah. So, the evidence I need is that the Ashera GD is not hypoallergenic. I haven’t seen that evidence yet.

Also, I have not heard anything concrete stating that the other Life Style Pets Inc. Allerca cats (the original Allerca cat) are not hypoallergenic.

Update 18th May 2010: I now have firm evidence from the inside that the Ashera GD is a Savannah cat. But and here is the fun part, the Savannah cat is hypoallergenic. This is why the concept works for LifeStyle pets in relation to their top of the range cat. The Ashera GD must be an F1 Savannah cat.

Ashera cat Allerca Cats – Ashera GD © LIFESTYLE PETS Inc.

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  1. You are a thief. You have been found out, there are no DNA proof or answers. You take advantage of ignorant people with alot of money who want a cat… Your cats are nothing special. You are though. I do hope you are caught and put in jail, where you deserve to be.. Maybe if you were in the USA, we would get you for Mail Fraud, Rico Charges, Abuse of the elderly and many other charges. I do hope you are caught by the Prosecutor that does care what you are doing…. I’d like that for the folks you are cheating.

  2. Actually the sellers of”hypoallergenic pets” should PROVE US that they have what they claim, not the other way round!

    They can’t because it’s LİE!


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