Allotments – our family is growing

Allotments – our family is growing

by Betty
(Walsall Road Allotments)

Triangle and Felix in the cage

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Triangle and Felix in the cage

Triangle and Felix in the cage Having breakfast Triangle poses for the camera Felix

We have another cat at our allotments - but he isn't a feral. Felix has been re-homed to us by the Cats Protection (CP) and we have had him for about a month now.

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Lottie The Allotment Kitten

Now there are three at the allotment!

So many people have shown interest in our allotment cats that I decided to start a blog about them. If anyone is interested, click on this link to see it. I update it regularly, and there are lots of photos.

He was found in someone's garden with a badly injured tail and was caught and taken to the vet where the tail had to be amputated.

The CP tried to get him to live in a house but he didn't settle so they thought he would be better as an outdoor cat and asked us if we would have him.

I was a bit concerned as we already have feral cats and I didn't know if they would accept an adult stranger suddenly arriving on their territory.

I needn't have worried. He has settled down remarkably well and made friends with one of the feral kittens. Felix had to live in a large cage for the first two weeks to get him used to being with us.

One morning when I went to feed him I saw a feral kitten in the cage with him. It had squeezed through a small gap in the cage bars and was fast asleep next to him!

As soon as it heard me it ran out of the cage and went back to the gap under the building where it must have been living.

Felix was given his freedom shortly after and the kitten has been Felix's constant companion ever since. They eat together every morning and Felix lets the kitten share his bowl of food without any problem.

Felix is a very friendly cat and loves to be stroked, although he isn't too happy about being picked up.

I've named the kitten 'Triangle' because of the white markings on his head.

Update 6th Oct 2010 - Triangle the feral kitten on the allotment:

feral catTriangle is the kitten who squeezed through the bars of the cage which Felix had to stay in for two weeks when he came to our allotments. This was almost two months ago and now that Felix has the freedom of the allotments he always has his little friend Triangle with him.

But the most exciting news of all is that Triangle lets me stroke her! I started by putting her food down and gently touching the top of her head while she was distracted with the food. Then the following day I did the same, but stroked down her back. She arched her back, just as I've seen Felix do so I'm assuming she likes it. She comes to me for titbits too and takes them from my hand. I don't think anyone (except maybe the people here) can understand how thrilling this is to me. A kitten which started off by being so frightened that it ran to hide under the building now trusts me so much that it lets me stroke it!

The Cats Protection have arranged for her to be taken to the vet on Friday to be neutered then she will be returned to us and there won't be the worry of more kittens.

Update 25th Nov. 2010: Janet the feral kitten

feral cat Janet

Janet is a beautiful tabby kitten living at our allotments. She might be from the same litter as Triangle, but we are not sure. She is nothing like Triangle in character though because she is quite shy and wary of humans. We think she might be about five or six months old now.

Recently we managed to catch her inside a pet carrier and with the help of the Cats Protection she was neutered and returned to us.


Hi Betty... a tender loving story - thanks. Triangle has Turkish Van type markings. That doesn't mean he is a Turkish Van cat though....Michael

Allotments - our family is growing to Feral Cats

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Allotments - our family is growing

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Nov 25, 2010 Well done
by: Michael

Good news, Betty and well done. I love what you are doing for feral cats.

Michael Avatar

Nov 24, 2010 More news about feral cats at the allotment
by: Betty

Hello Michael, I would like to share some excellent news with you - Triangle the feral kitten who used to go in the cage with Felix has become so tame that I can pick her up. When I sit down she jumps up on my lap straight away and either plays or goes to sleep. She is such a beautiful kitten that even my husband who always thought he didn't like cats is becoming converted. I have made some weatherproof shelters for her, Felix and Janet the other kitten. I hope they will be alright throughout the winter but at least they are getting regular meals and attention.

Janet was neutered two weeks ago with the help of the North Birmingham Cats Protection who have been amazingly helpful.

That just leaves the four cats on my plot to be neutered.

Walsall Road Allotments

Oct 14, 2010 Triangle - update
by: Betty

I wanted to let you know that Triangle was neutered on Tuesday. Because she is becoming quite tame and used to being stroked it was easy to get her into a carrier. The Cats Protection have been so helpful and even took her to the vet and brought her back to us the following day. I was worried that Triangle wouldn't trust us any more but there has been no problem with her, in fact she seems even more friendly than before.

Next on the list is little Janet. I think we will have to use a trap for her because she is still a bit timid.

Then I will try to trap the four I feed on my plot. Fingers crossed!

Sep 13, 2010 CP and the allotment cats
by: Anonymous

Hi Leah,

I first contacted the CP last year when we had a tiny kitten at the allotments. They lent us a trap and we caught it, then they re-homed it.

They also came and collected an even tinier kitten which was under some plastic sheeting on a plot. It had to be hand-reared and then it was re-homed.

I have been in contact with them ever since so they know our allotments are 'cat-friendly'.

They have been very helpful and we do all we can to support them with their fund-raising.

Sep 13, 2010 I love hearing about your cats
by: Leah (England)

Hi Betty

I love hearing about your family of cats and how lovely for Felix to have a new home!

How did the CPL find out about your brood? Did you ask for help with TNR?

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