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Allowing your cat to get this obese should be a criminal matter — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks to “Guiness Book of World Records” for no more including the “World’s Heaviest cat” in its record books. The last recorded heavyweight cat in the 1980’s was “HIMMY” from Australia.Seems according to the photo that “Sprinkles” could have beaten “Himmy’s” record or come close to it. I feel sad for the cat, a freak of nature due to human indulgence.

  2. Ofcourse it should be a criminal offense. And, parents should be jailed, too, for allowing their kids to become obese whether they have an innate illness or not.
    We need to act as Big Brother in this situation. We are the judge and jury of all living things. That gives us the right to criticize the caretaking of kids and animals.
    Let’s not be stupid!

  3. I think it’s criminal, negligent, and abusive, but ignorance is at work here once again. And, what about the vet’s responsibility?

    Companion animals and people are growing fat because of a high carbohydrate diet. Dry, convenience pet food is the equivalent of chips, donuts, fast food, and all manner of processed foods. Excess carbs are shortening our lives, and that of our pet’s. Obesity is a controllable, life threatening disease, but carbs are as addictive as tobacco and some drugs. We are under their spell, and only the threat of life threatening illness or death, can wake some of us up.

    I hear people say of dry cat food “Oh, but she loves it!” They don’t realize that it’s sprayed with an addictive substance, and hardly believe it when I tell them. Nor do they believe that most pet food is made from dead and diseased cats and dogs, along with other unhealthy animal tissue.

    Recently an intelligent person asked me if that’s on the ingredient label. I responded “Would you buy it, if it was?”

    I’m beginning to see a revolution from pet guardians, who know and accept the “difficult truth” of pet food and vets, in addition to the collusion that exists between them.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth! I am way too familiar with the carb-addiction! I, too, suffer from it. Another dangerous and addictive substance is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which is also added to foods. People should stand up and demand that pet food manufacturers make better quality pet food at the same affordable prices. It can be done.

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