Almond shaped cat eyes infographic

The cat fancy through their cat associations – I typically refer to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in the US – not infrequently demand through their breeding guidelines called breed standards that specified cat breeds such as the Siamese and LaPerm have almond shaped eyes. Here is an infographic on the topic which some might find useful. Of course, non-pedigree and purebred cats can also have almond shaped eyes such as my cat whose featured in the infographic.

Almond shaped cat eyes infographic.
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2 thoughts on “Almond shaped cat eyes infographic”

  1. Mesmerized by the Almond-shaped cat eyes infographic! It is such a fascinating visual guide that captures the unique beauty and mystery behind our feline friends’ gaze. It’s like unlocking the secrets of their soul through their eyes. It is a perfect blend of art and information.


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