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Almost 500,000 Sign Petition Against Kristen Lindsey — 11 Comments

  1. Thank You DEE*
    Of course TNR. Guess I kept this term on my back brain burner.
    I’ve seen and heard stories of so many cats being hauled out into the woods.But you’re right about this program>Trap Neuter Return< is one logical option.
    Take care
    Ps. Did Hemingway bring the Polydactyls down south with him?

  2. Yes DEE, it is very heartbreaking to know about the ferals and see them hiding in fear and looking for food. Also, it is a hardship for the new mother cats to supply enough milk, since they have needs that are not being met. I live in a semi-rural area near the main center of town[ a small town ]. Most of those in my neck of the woods are ignorant and apathetic.
    Not sure what TNR is or involves? There is a basic dog animal shelter close by.

    DEE, I lived in Jacksonville, Florida for fourteen years and rescued and adopted cats there .A few were domesticated and loved at one time in their lives__then kicked to the curb.Most of the Florida kittens were polydactyl. Eva_

    • My comments to the writter..thanks for the article.I feel animals deserve better treatment all around. as for ferals.. Ive traped nuetered and released Two ..And leave water and food .

      • Well done in helping ferals. I too feel that animals deserve better treatment. All thinking and decent-minded people think like you because it is obvious to them that animals are not treated well enough when taken as a whole.

    • Eva, TNR is trap, neuter, and return. Many rescues work that program.
      And, yes, I have had a number of polydactyls in my life. They’re pretty common here.

  3. There are legitimate reasons for euthanasia, due to the problems involved; which can become a burden to the would be owners and the clinics, shelters and animal care hospitals. Not to mention the circumstances which have allowed irresponsible people to not seek options when available__for spay & neuter, animal welfare and human adoptions/ownership and basic care FYI.
    A mating female can have 2 to 8 kittens in each litter and can become pregnant more than once year, during summer or winter.

    This past year alone our neighborhood has produced 25+stray cats including their unwanted kittens. They run free and scavenge for food and shelter and comfort. Our shelters have been filled up to capacity for the past 6+years ! They try to avoid taking in anymore cats.
    In this area of Tn. I have noticed that most believe cats are bred to be self sufficient survivors and that it’ OK to put them out on their own?*@!! This is so Barbaric to me. Eva

    Kristen Lindsey could make a plea of temporary insanity__but I do not think anyone would buy that.

    • Perhaps I forgot. But, I assume that TNR isn’t available near you. Are you in the boonies?
      It will always amaze me that some people still believe that cats are self sufficient. That must be maddening for you.

  4. Michael,

    I have seen too many of these outrageous euthanasias. What makes it even more outrageous are the legislations passed in many states in the USA banning no-kill shelters from rescuing these animals and finding them homes. Several states have had bills pending which would permit no-kill shelters to rescue these animals but they were all defeated. I cannot understand this nightmare. If there are shelters that are willing and able to rescue them why are the laws against them?

    One horrific euthanasia comes to mind. It happened many years ago when an abused dog was “saved” by the ASPCA and given extensive medical care to treat his injuries- he had been thrown off a roof- spent a huge amount of money on this dog but they deemed him aggressive and unadoptable so they killed him in SPITE of the fact that an offer had been made by an excellent sanctuary in New York – Pets Alive- to take him and work with him to rehab him and find him a home. They also promised to keep him should be not be adoptable and give him a forever loving home at the sanctuary.

    The ASPCA didn’t even bother to visit the sanctuary and check it out. Phone calls were not returned. It was a nightmare for this poor dog who probably could have been rehabbed and given the home he so richly deserved.

    As far as the POS “veterinarian” is concerned, I am praying that she loses her license to practice and is punished to the full extent of the law. How she ever got her license in the first place is quite a mystery- considering her website and what filth she published on it about her passion for killing animals. Makes me want to vomit!

    • Jo, I had the impression that there was a gentle trend towards lowering euthanasia rates in the USA. It has been a 25 year process but things have improved in shelters. Is that trend coming to a halt?

      Why are states debating laws ban no-kill shelters from rescuing these animals? Is this Republican legislators expressing their desire for mass slaughter of unwanted companion animals?

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