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Almost Forty Percent of Declawed Cats Have Issues Walking

If you understand the declawing of cats it makes sense but if you don’t you’d have difficulty in believing it but 38% of declawed cats have issues with their walking. Yes, the way declawed cats walk is affected for life and it affects their mobility and levels of contentment too. Wouldn’t you be pissed off if both your feet were missing part of their toes?

The Paw Project study concluded that for 38% of declawed cats, the declawing affected their posture and caused “extreme lethargy”. While for others, moving was so painful they wouldn’t move at all and for some it demotivated them from walking around and exploring a new environment.

The Paw Project says that the figure of 38% excluded cats who have modified their gait dramatically and decided to take the pressure off their toes by walking on their wrists.

The Paw Project states:

“This 38% of cats only comprises those that are EXTREMELY abnormal in their gate OR their inability to move. This means that 38% of declawed cats need some form of chronic pain medication other than typical OTC joint supplements to make them comfortable enough to want to walk and move around.”

I hope cat owners who support declawing read and comprehend this. It will really be a revelation to some who believe what their declawing veterinarian says. Don’t listen to him/her – some deliberately mislead clients. Follow your heart if you love cats and campaign against this barbaric operation that should never have happened and which should have been consigned to history years ago.

Things are changing slowly. The Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association decided it is OK to declaw but there is a hint of a change in opinion amongst vets. It will take time.

More to come on the how declawing affect self-grooming.

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