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by Furby
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Me and my cat mama Lola

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Me and my cat mama Lola

Me and my cat mama Lola Don't I look sweet? Ignore her and she'll go away

Hi everybody! It's Furby! I know I haven't been keeping everybody updated like I should and I'm sorry. I'm trying to stay out of trouble. Really I am. Today I almost knocked the microwave off of the dining room bar. How did I manage that, you ask? I fell behind it and started pushing. In case you all didn't know, I've taken up weight lifting. Read my blog on that one here at Furby the cat. Mama is using that to tell on me. NO FAIR! And she wouldn't have known about the microwave incident if Laura had kept her mouth closed tonight.

Mama has me two new websites going. She's still building them so please be patient with her. There's one at -- XXX link broken so removed sorry -- where you can tell stories and send pictures. Well, it's a really hard one for mama. I've already watched her head blow up twice watching her try to do everything. She's so funny. She holds the front of her head to stop "wrinkles" and the back of her head to prevent "exploding."

I've even helped her to bed at night so she wouldn't forget my nightly massage.

Then she came up with an idea for a gallery. It's here at She wants everybody to send her cat and dog pictures. Laura has even offered to help if it's too much for mama. No one has told Laura she's being drafted so please let's keep that quiet.

Both sites are for teenagers. I just have one question. What are teenagers? I'm always afraid to ask what new words mean because sometimes I don't like the meaning. Mama wants families to turn their "teenagers loose" on the site and not be afraid of what they're reading. Does that mean teenagers aren't loose all of the time? Maybe they have a teenager carrier like my cat carrier.

Mama is at the point where she's happy enough with the site to let everybody visit and take a peek. I have a bad feeling about what's gonna happen when she's done. Let's not use that "c" word (camera) because I know mama is way behind on taking my picture. I led her to bed last night and went in to explore the big bathroom. Mama made a lot of pretty pictures of me there at Christmas. She got that funny look when I jumped up next to a pretty flower arrangement in there. She looked at me and the flowers and the mirror and all I could think was "uck-oh."

The last time mama got that look I didn't get a nap for three days. She goes a little overboard when it comes to making my picture.


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Am I Famous Yet? by Furby

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Jul 20, 2010 I'm putting mama to bed
by: Furby

She's looking worse than Dreyfuss. If she wasn't smiling I'd be worried. She's having a lot of fun. She never learned how to slow down unless FLU came to visit. I don't think FLU has been here in a LONG time.

Mama is just super smart and gets upset when she can't learn something because almost everything is really easy for her to learn. She said she needs to ask a teenager how to do things. I sure hope somebody tells me what a teenager is.

Just between you and me she's not really worried about internet ratings now. She just wants to make a lot of people happy by showing off their pet photos.

Don't worry too much about mama. She just sleeps backwards. She's up all night and sleeps all day. She says her mama was the same way.

Jul 20, 2010 Hi Furby
by: Michael

Thanks for visiting and sharing Furby. I am very impressed by your mother's energy and speed of typing. She must be very fast at typing. And I know she works hard. And I know how tiresome it can be trying to get to know html (website code) and to make things work when working on a website.

Could you please ask her to go just a little bit slower, do a little less and perhaps focus on one project a tiny bit more. Getting noticed on the internet is difficult because there are lots of websites, millions upon millions, in fact.

It is easy to get lost amongst all the other websites and Google can't find you either.

The bigger and better one site is and the more focused it is, helps it to get seen.

Take care Furby and love to mama!

Michael Avatar

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