Amazon driver who made friends with a cat rightly becomes an Internet social media celebrity

This is a cross-post because I think this young man, Evan Snow, deserves some celebrity. He is by a conventional view an ordinary bloke. Just an Amazon delivery driver like many others. But within the ordinary there is the extraordinary. In my opinion the ordinary person often needs far more praise and celebrity (which they rarely get) than today’s celebrities.

This is Lolly, the feline celebrity in this story about the Amazon driver who meets a cat on his rounds and then one day he can't find her because she has died and he didn't know it.
Lolly, the other star of this viral story. She died last October. Image: in public domain (believed).
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So, what did he do? He lives in Indiana, USA. He regularly visited a home in Elizabeth, Indiana. And on the porch of that home and in the surroundings of the home the family cat, Lolly, used to spend some time. I don’t know Lolly’s gender. Correction. I am told he is male.

Evan became friendly with Lolly. And outside his home is a security camera which picked up Evan searching for Lolly one day as he delivered some more Amazon parcels.

He couldn’t find him because unbeknown to Evan he had died either the day before or not long before he’d turned up.

And the security camera captured him searching for Lolly. And as it happens, Lolly’s owner, is a TikTok user with his own channel on that social media website. His name is Tired Issac (real name: Isaac Bowen). And he’s tired!

And so, Issac published the security camera video on his TikTok page and it received 8.8 million views because it touched the hearts of the viewers. And subsequent to that video which you can see above, it was decided to make Mr Snow a bit of a celebrity because they wanted to reward him.

Isaac organised the purchasing of some Amazon presents and other mementos including cards for Evan and he also arranged to meet up with Evan. Initially it was at Isaac’s home but on the day in question, ironically, Evan’s vehicle blew a tyre and he couldn’t make it to Isaac’s home. They made new arrangements to meet up at Evan’s home where the handover of the ‘presents’ took place.

You can see the opening of the mementos and cards in the video below. The whole thing has become viral and Evan was very moved by what has happened (see screenshot above taken from text message communications between him and Bowen). He’s never experienced this kind of praise and recognition before. And this is the great point about this story; an ordinary guy has become extraordinary. And the ordinary is extraordinary sometimes. We need to praise people who go about their unremarkable lives in a decent and respectful way.

Evan loves animals. He’s obviously a sensitive and kind bloke. He deserves praise for that. He deserves his 15 minutes of fame and he’s got it.

Here is a screenshot of Evan opening his mementos of Lolly’s life and cards and other presents bought by his new fans who watched the video of him searching for Lolly. It is very touching.

Evan Snow checks out his presents given by his new fan club! Screenshot.

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  1. Judging by the captions on the video clip of Evan looking around for Lolly, it seems to have been a male cat. They keep referring to “him”.


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