Amber heard is worth less than 1% of Olivia Benson! (2023)

Both Amber Heard and Olivia Benson, two celebrity females, have been in the news lately for different reasons. As the world knows Amber Heard has been involved in a long litigation saga with Johnny Depp. In round terms, the outcome for Heard was a dramatic loss of a good chunk of her ‘net worth’ because of the $10.35 million damages she was ordered to pay Depp in that high profile defamation case. She clawed some back ($2m) in a subsequent case (yawn! I have forgotten the details) but the Celebrity Net Worth website says that Heard is now worth $500,000 (half a million).

Amber heard is worth less than 1% of Olivia Benson!
Amber heard is worth less than 1% of Olivia Benson! But it depends on a lot of estimates and guesswork! And the comparison is unfair too. Image: MikeB based on Benson image (Instagram) and Heard image (Getty apparently).
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You will see other estimates as the media likes to pore over (paw over!) these sorts of details. One website states that her net worth is $8m but have they taken into account the outcome of the litigation? I think not. Their page needs updating.

The Celebrity Net Worth website simply added up her known earnings and subtracted the $10.35m damages. A fairly basic calculation that may not be accurate but perhaps ballpark correct.

Olivia Benson, a celebrity Scottish Fold domestic cat beloved by Taylor Swift her caregiver has just been valued at $97 million because of her earning potential. And that is thanks to the simple fact that she is ‘owned’ by Swift.

But the calculations are different. The comparison between Olivia and Amber is fun but essentially wrong but I don’t want to be too serious as this is bit of fun.

Cats have no legal right to own money. And they can’t enter into contracts with humans! Obvious. A point that needs to be made. Olivia can’t have a net worth. Amber can and does.

The comparison is misguided fun. The point of the comparison is not: the top celebrity cats still have great earning potential, more than that of some humans.

No one has told me how ‘they’ came to calculate the $97 million value of Olivia Benson? I guess it is based on earning potential. Personally, I don’t believe it.

Swift has created an Instagram account for Olivia but her following is tiny compared to hers as far as I can tell. Olivia has 631 follows and Swift has 239 million! Funnily enough, Swift’s following has dropped from 253 million three months ago. She appears to have made no new postings over those 3 months. That’s why, I guess.

Grumpy Cat comes to mind. She was – she died prematurely to illnesses linked to her grumpy appearance – genuinely a great earner for her owner in picking up over $100 million over her lifetime as I recall. Grumpy Cat is the all-time most valuable domestic feline the world has known.

I don’t think Olivia Benson comes near or will come near. On a philosophical and moral point both Grumpy Cat and Olivia Benson are dependent on their fame and earning potential for congenital anatomical defects! Nice. Strange. Grumpy suffered from dwarfism and Olivia suffers from a dominant gene mutation causing her ears to fall flat and other cartilage issues which are not positives in terms of health.

Olivia is cute looking but the Germans would say that she is the result of “torture breeding”. She would not be allowed to exist in Germany. You can see the irony of it all. A cat has to look odd to succeed as a big-time earner. It is all they’ve got to sell to the marketplace.

For humans it is different. You have to have talent and looks. And that is Taylor Swift, Olivia’s owner. Without her Olivia would have zero value except for her cost from a breeder at around $1,500.

P.S. In one Instagram picture, Olivia Benson has a mass of eye gloop below her right eye. Not good. Poor caregiving. It indicates tear duct overflow.

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