by Audra
(Palanga, Lithuania)

Amber Sun kittens got BEST in SHOW

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Amber Sun kittens got BEST in SHOW

Our cattery is located by the sea in Lithuania. Maine Coons are wonderful, sweet tempered friendly big cats. Our pets live with us in the house and they are family members. The breeding of the cats and participation at cat shows has become our biggest hobby and our biggest love are our Maine Coons.

Now, we have a wonderful kittens, who became winners of cats shows in Vilnius.

Both Amber Sun kittens got BEST in SHOW.

Maine Coon cat Agadir living in Lithuania
This is Agadir a boy cat with a great temperament. This is the link to our cattery: Amber Sun (new window)

Update: 6-11-09: I am charming lady Carmen and live in Maine Coon cattery in Lithuania. I like to sleep in bidet. This is my favorite place.I like to sleep on the windowsill yet.I am one year old. I love to play with mice and with ball.But I don't like to travel, especial not like to take part in shows. I stress and i want to return home as soon as possible. Home is the best for me.

Carmen a Maine Coon cat from Lithuania


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Oct 26, 2009 Correction
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

In the UK it's not CFA, but GCCF - I think. I always get these federations mixed up. 😉

Oct 25, 2009 Amber Agadir
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Audra. You have some very beautiful cats - and Ambersun is a great name for a cattery on the shores of the Baltic. Congratulations with the excellent results at the FIFE show. It's very nice to hear about cat fancy on your side of the sea - hopefully some day we will see your cats at shows over here too.

And Michael - the Danish Main Coon Club says there are no less than 5 different standards for the breed in USA. With CFA in the UK and FIFE here on continental Europe it makes 7. No wonder if it gets confusing... 😉

Oct 25, 2009 Hi
by: Michael

Hi, it is great to hear from Lithuana. I added a picture of your boy and a link. Agadir is very handsome. Is there a slight difference between the Maine Coons of America and of Lithuania?

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