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America: CDC are telling doctors to give children a Covid-19 “flu jab”

As the world is watching the international developments of a Covid-19 vaccine, this conversation between an American woman and her doctor about her child is very surprising because to the best of our knowledge there is no current, approved vaccine in America against Covid-19. The conversation should interest foreigners too. The coronavirus pandemic is a global issue affecting us all.

CDC tell doctor to give kids a Covid-19 vaccination. Image: Facebook.

The conversation speaks for itself. I need not add much in the way of thoughts and analysis. There is a point worth making, however. A survey which took place in America found that a little more than 50% of people would not agree to a vaccination against the coronavirus. If that survey is accurate then it is foolhardy for governments to rely upon a vaccine to return life to normal. It appears that is not going to happen on the back of a vaccine against the virus.

The conversation is interesting for another reason. The doctor refers to the vaccine as a “flu shot”. He then adds to that by saying it is a very low strain of Covid thereby disclosing that it is a Covid-19 vaccine. The woman rejects it because she believes it is untested or barely tested. Quite rightly she does not want her child to be given a vaccine which is untested. She may not even want to give her child a vaccine if it is tested!

The anti-vaxers movement appears to be growing on Facebook. It is interesting that a search on Facebook for “anti-vaxers” produces a long list of articles as to why vaccines are good! Facebook are promoting vaccinations 🙂 . They are doing governemnt work. Maybe being paid for it.

What has this got to do with cats and companion animals? Well, obliquely, it has everything to do with our cats and dogs. Cats can contract coronavirus from their owners. This has been firmly established in studies. There are concerns that domestic cats might create a reservoir for the virus passing it on to other cats and possibly even people. Although at present there is no firm evidence that that happens. A recent study has found that domestic cats can show very similar symptoms to humans. Earlier studies suggested that the symptoms were very mild or that they cats were asymptomatic. This picture appears to have changed on further research.

I suspect that in the future there will also be a vaccine for pets against Covid-19 so this story is relevant in that sense too. For international visitors to this page CDC refers to “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”, a national public health institute in the United States. It is a United States federal agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

P.S. The post is on an FB page against the anti-vaxers movement. It is called Things Anti-Vaxers Say. They post direct, redacted quotes from people in the dangerous anti-vax movement. –Please feel free to share, just mention TAVS.–.

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