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America Dominates Cat Website Visits — 4 Comments

  1. I set up a social media page back in 2010 mainly for my dog friends. Somehow it turned into a page with Brazil residents speaking their native language on the social media page. So when I visit it I use Google to post. And for some strange reason my friends on that page listed to any needs I have as far as liking and sharing animals.

  2. The fact that the main visitors are from predominantly English speaking countries, suggests to me that it’s more about the language used than the subject matter.

    During my internet searches I’ve come across some interesting sites in Russian or Japanese. Though I wasn’t always able to translate the text, I could see from the photos that were interested in some of the same stories as us. Youtube is a good example of interest in cats from non-English speaking countries.

    • Good point Michele. It is possible to translate to a reasonable level I believe using Google Translate.

      Perhaps this is a major obstacle to China engaging in the mainstream cat websites.

      What I might do is do a test and translate one page of the site to Chinese using a translator so it is done to a high standard and see what happens!

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