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American animal lovers fight for rights of abused cat in Wales, UK — 21 Comments

  1. So the cat ate her pizza……learn not to leave your food unattended.That cat could have injured itself or died.Think about it. The cat in the carrier set into atleast 6 inches of water. The cat would have went crazy trying to escape and all it takes is a little inhaled water for the cat to drown.That sorry excuse for a human should have had the cat taken away.

  2. Shocking 🙁 she’s probably one of these who starves her pets while she on the other hand probably doesn’t even need one more Pizza, how sad that she has been looking forward to a bloody Pizza all day she needs to get a bloody life. As for the poor cat she clearly has not one grain of understanding, empathy or understanding in her whole vile body so she should never have a cat in her house! Damn horrible woman!!

  3. Did she really believe that the cat would make any connection between having swiped the pizza and being held captive in water?

    Is a lousy pizza worth getting enraged over and becoming abusive?

    I wish this young woman would rehome the cat and just groom, caress, and sleep with her pizza. Obviously it is her true love.

    • Exactly Dee, what went through that poor cat’s mind when he/she was put in that water, it wasn’t punishment it was quite separate cruelty. I’d love to smash her red hot pizza into her stupid face to be quite honest.

    • Well I hope her next pizza chokes her and I don’t think death threats for what she did is going too far, she is not a lady, she is a cruel monster!

  4. Absolutely disgusting, the despicable creature, what on earth did she expect leaving a pizza that would smell strongly of cheese where the cat would be tempted to take it. As for the “punishment” cruel beyond belief and I’m worried what else she does to the cat as punishment for what she perceives as bad behaviour but which is in fact normal cat behaviour, she seems to be such an ignorant, greedy, boozing excuse for a woman that I would put nothing past her. I can’t believe she got off with it, no doubt she’ll be on FB again to get some more attention.

      • Yes she was enjoying it. As well as smashing the pizza into her stupid face I’d like to stick her head in that bath and hold it there for a while and see how she likes to think she’s going to drown, after all what’s sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander!

  5. An example of why some people should never ever be allowed to have a cat.
    Losing her temper with an innocent animal was despicable, the RSPCA should have taken the cat away while it was being investigated. Was the poor cat hungry? Did they have a vet check him to see if he was in good health?
    What will she do to the poor creature next? I know what I’d like to do to her with her next pizza, the box it came in and all!
    Things like this make me livid on behalf of the many misunderstood cats worldwide, who if they don’t behave like humans are punished.
    I know a lot of people who have lost faith in the RSPCA and no wonder!

  6. I wish an RSPCA rep would come onboard here.
    What I read on the web about them and what I read in actual cases seem conflicting.
    I know that we are in different worlds; but, a confessed cat abuser here would be made miserable and would, probably, go down. The fines, alone, from AC having gone to the courts, would be devastating.
    I have a hard time understanding why these crimes aren’t reported to law enforcement, even if they don’t take action themselves.

    • The RSPCA seem to have a problem with consistency because decisions are made by individual inspectors at the scene of the “crime” and it seems they are not trained sufficiently precisely. Just a guess.

      Also, we may not have the full story. As you say FB can mislead sometimes.

  7. I can only assume that the RSPCA deemed that there wasn’t enough evidence to act. A cat can’t, actually, be seen in that carrier.

    People post the craziest things on FB, and this action may or may not have actually happened. However, she made a confession and that would have, likely, been good enough here.

    I never thought that I would ever have much positive to say about our animal control here but, if their presence were in the UK, I’m certain that they would have gotten a court order to remove the cat within a very short time of finding out about this person’s admission of abuse.

  8. I was one of those who as well that posted on that thread but I also told people to stop posting her home address and one poster told me they needed to do that so the RSPCA could locate her and I replied that they only needed a screenshot of her post and they can find her via her PC address,I’m not surprised though the RSPCA didnt take further action because of a recent case where a dog had been neglected horribly and again they did nothing and that same dog was killed by it’s owner,there are many AR Organizations in the UK and with their help with the media and the petition going around which I too signed maybe something can actually be done to have her charged but I fear it will be just blowing in the wind!

    • That is a neat point, Alan. They have got cat anatomy wrong. I am guessing they mean the hock (I think that is the ankle in human parlance) or the first major joint which is in a similar position (off the ground) to our knee.

  9. It’s difficult to believe the R.S.P.C.A took no action, this is animal cruelty, unless of course the box was empty, we can’t actually see a cat inside. But if not surely they should have taken the cat away, that is not normal behavior. Why leave the Pizza where the cat could eat it anyway? I could easily have put some blocked out words in here myself, but I don’t want to lower myself to her level.

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