American animal lovers fight for rights of abused cat in Wales, UK

A 22 year-old-woman living in Swansea, South Wales, was incensed when her cat ate some of her £15 pizza. She’d been looking forward to her pizza all day. She was fuming and raging so much that in a fit of temper she placed her cat in a cat carrier and placed the carrier in her bath so that the water came up to knee height for her cat. 

This is an example of a person punishing her cat for something she did wrong: leaving her pizza out for her cat to find. It was foreseeable that her cat would be attracted to it. The cat was behaving naturally. The women is ignorant and arrogant enough to brazenly post her misdeed on social media.

cat abuse in Wales shown on Facebook

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She posted a photo of this with her explanation on Facebook and guess what? There was outrage and a petition which was started by Americans collected 3,000 signatures. The petition requested the involvement of the authorities to investigate what can only be described as cat abuse

Cat abuse FB comments

The RSPCA investigated and took no further action. They must have gone around to the woman’s house having found the location through her computer’s IP address.

There were death threats against the lady! That is going too far obviously but it does show the strength of feeling against animal abuse of any kind and this is a good thing.

Cat abuse in Wales cat abuse posted on Facebook

I am impressed that animal lovers have the opportunity to express their passion and to take action against animal abusers which works. Things actually happen.

This is one of the strengths of Facebook. Personally I am not a great fan of FB but it can work wonders.

It is impressive to see how internet discussions can be translated to almost immediate action on the ground. 

Cat abusers should beware. There are passionate cat lovers about. I’d expect this story to be a warning to other people to avoid showing off their abusive behavior.

The pictures are courtesy Daily Mail and redacted by them. I presume they blocked out the swear words. This is also interesting because Facebook accepted the words while the Daily Mail thinks them too rude for their website 😉 .

21 thoughts on “American animal lovers fight for rights of abused cat in Wales, UK”

  1. So the cat ate her pizza……learn not to leave your food unattended.That cat could have injured itself or died.Think about it. The cat in the carrier set into atleast 6 inches of water. The cat would have went crazy trying to escape and all it takes is a little inhaled water for the cat to drown.That sorry excuse for a human should have had the cat taken away.

  2. Shocking 🙁 she’s probably one of these who starves her pets while she on the other hand probably doesn’t even need one more Pizza, how sad that she has been looking forward to a bloody Pizza all day she needs to get a bloody life. As for the poor cat she clearly has not one grain of understanding, empathy or understanding in her whole vile body so she should never have a cat in her house! Damn horrible woman!!

  3. Did she really believe that the cat would make any connection between having swiped the pizza and being held captive in water?

    Is a lousy pizza worth getting enraged over and becoming abusive?

    I wish this young woman would rehome the cat and just groom, caress, and sleep with her pizza. Obviously it is her true love.

    • Exactly Dee, what went through that poor cat’s mind when he/she was put in that water, it wasn’t punishment it was quite separate cruelty. I’d love to smash her red hot pizza into her stupid face to be quite honest.

    • Well I hope her next pizza chokes her and I don’t think death threats for what she did is going too far, she is not a lady, she is a cruel monster!

  4. Absolutely disgusting, the despicable creature, what on earth did she expect leaving a pizza that would smell strongly of cheese where the cat would be tempted to take it. As for the “punishment” cruel beyond belief and I’m worried what else she does to the cat as punishment for what she perceives as bad behaviour but which is in fact normal cat behaviour, she seems to be such an ignorant, greedy, boozing excuse for a woman that I would put nothing past her. I can’t believe she got off with it, no doubt she’ll be on FB again to get some more attention.

      • Yes she was enjoying it. As well as smashing the pizza into her stupid face I’d like to stick her head in that bath and hold it there for a while and see how she likes to think she’s going to drown, after all what’s sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander!


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