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American Association of Feline Practitioners is a Bit of a Sham — 5 Comments

  1. Here you go. The name of the clinic in Louisiana… I also included CTK’s post for clarification. My Cassandra has taught me to be the best detective on the net, you should see some of the things I found, some are in my CNN iReport. My kitty wants her revenge and she is going to get it. No one declaws my kitty and then dumps her into the woods to fend for herself. All veterinarians who declaw are a bunch of greedy evil lying monsters.



  2. Very true michael…i have never believed in declawing cats because i have always viewed it as torture and inhumane…to me it seems like a practice that would been performed back in the 15th century…like you mentioned , there are better alternatives to prevent such a cruel life-long punishment to cats….if a cat is declawed and needs to defend themself without claws, chances are they will be seriously injured or killed….also, cats have evolved to be excellent at hunting and defending themselves, thats why they have claws,excellent hearing, vision at night and the ability to survive in the most harsh conditions known to man..it annoys me when humans try to take away or change what nature has spent millions of years to perfect…

  3. Apart from the fact that this horrible procedure is allowed, surely by hiding what it actually involves is breaking the law forbidding anyone knowingly selling goods and services which are not as described??????!!!!!

    • Well I believe that this vet clinic can be sued by a cat owner if their cat suffers complications because the clinic does not warn of complications. The clinic misrepresents the declawing operation. That is a form of breach of contract. Unfortunately it is not yet a crime in the US to declaw cats therefore criminal proceedings are not possible.

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