American Bobtail in Brief

American Bobtail

You’d be adopting a solid, quite large, brawny looking domestic cat with a hint of the wild cat about him. The general consensus is that this cat breed has no wild blood in him but created through selective breeding from domestic cats only.

The owner of an American Bobtail has a relatively rare cat, which was created in the 1960s in the USA. It was a time when there was a keen interest in wildcat hybrids and many new breeds. This American bobcat look-a-like became less popular than the more exotic Bengal cat. People clearly preferred the Bengal over this cat breed which is pure domestic, rustic and intended to look wild.

There is a choice between short and long haired cats. There is a wide choice to choose from as it comes in all colors and patterns including sepia, pointed and mink. The weight range is 7-15 lbs approx.

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