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  2. my husband bought my Wags for me for a Christmas gift, and was the best gift ever. This American Bobtail is the loveablest ,smartest ,and just an all around GREAT !!!!!!!!!!Cat. I only had Wags for 1wk and the first day he was part of are family. I wish we knew of the breed a long time ago. LOVE my WAGS.Very super family cat he doesn’t just go to 1 person Wags goes to all for attention. My family cannt believe how wonderful Wags is.Great personality.

      • Yeah I was thinking he had Turkish Van in him also due to the patterns, but I’ve never heard of one being with out a tail or a rumpie. He also has the saddle splotch of red on him. I managed to get a good shot of him laying down under my table.

        • Definitely Turkish Van. Good photo. You rarely see a coat that is so obviously Turkish Van. The tail is a classic Bobtail. You have a Turkish Van bobtail (unregistered!). Thanks for the second photo.

          • Hi Michael,

            Thank you so much for helping me figure out what my pretty boy is. Everyone who meets Parker just falls in love with him even though he’s really shy around new people.

    • Sorry Frost, your photo is too large (over 2 million bytes). If you have the time to try again you’ll see a link below the comment box which takes you to a page which explains how to reduce the size online for free. Thanks for trying anyway. Please try again.

  3. I think I have one of these cats. I got him from a rescue group, and they thought he was Manx mixed with Maine Coon. However Manie Coons and Manx cats can be very very vocal. I have a long tailed Manx who won’t be quiet half the time. I have a orange tabby that’s half Maine Coon and half something else. However Parker I believe is an American Bobtail due to the fact he trills and chirps. He is very soft spoken when he meows and even when purring he’s fairly quiet. He’s bonded with pretty well with me and when I sit down on the sofa he doesn’t give me 30 seconends to get comfortable before he’s jumping into my arms to snuggle.

    • Hi, Frost. He sounds very interesting. The American Bobtail is quite rare in a way. If you’d like to you can upload a picture into a comment using the button below the comment box. Thanks for sharing.

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