American cat guardians have become more demanding when selecting food products

Pet Product News informs us that American cat guardians have become more demanding when choosing food for their cats.

In general they prefer American made products because they feel the quality is better but within that initial selection is a demand for transparency in all aspects of production and better ingredients plus information on where they are sourced.

Ten cats eating
Ten cats eating. Image in public domain.
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American customers want high quality ingredients which are well sourced in the USA. This ensures that the food is nutritional and safe. Comment: this is a reflection on higher standards of cat guardianship. It is a gradual process but noticeable. Other symptoms of this is the gradual phasing out of declawing for instance.

Customers are requesting organic products more often than before which are minimally processed and GMO free. ‘GMO’ stands for ‘genetically modified organism’. Organic foods are non-GMO as GMOs are forbidden in organic food production.

Cat guardians are also more concerned about additives to cat food. Jack Myers of Pet Mania in North Carolina says:

For example, most customers prefer canned foods that use fenugreek or broth rather than carrageenan or gums.

Finally sustainability is more of a factor nowadays in cat food selection. People are more concerned about sustainability which I’d suggest is a reflection of a heightened concern for the planet. Climate change has rapidly become mainstream and from that concern stems other specific issues. Cat guardians want their products to be manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.

Comment: there is financial profit for cat food manufacturers in thinking long term and protecting the planet. This is very welcome. Short cuts and short term thinking no longer washes with a section of cat caretakers. This feels like a fundamental shift is thinking. The world has changed. I can’t help but think of Greta Thunberg. Maligned by many including Trump but a catalyst for change for the better.


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