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American Cat Owner Living in UK Changes Opinion about Declawing — 5 Comments

  1. “He was, quite justifiably, surprised by the fact that British people accept that their cat might be killed on the roads. I too find this surprising and, frankly, unjustifiably.”

    No he wasn’t “justifiably” surprised, and neither are you. A minuscule amount of cats are killed on British roads rather than the bogus and laughable “1 in 4” unsourced claim he put in the article. I find the ignorance of Americans like you unsurprising.

  2. Many in the US are opposed,but antiquated ideas from many vets hinder the progress of getting it banned. Same goes for TNR.In some places it has been banned. If your possessions mean more than a living being you need not have an animal companion,and you need to discover which is of more value,a life,or a couch? And they can be trained not to destroy the furniture. Or have a cat room. Buy second hand furniture. People worry too much about how it looks as opposed to the true value.

  3. I am entirely AGAINST declawing. Whenever anyone asks me how I feel about it, I tell them, “well, let’s start off by taking you to a surgeon and having the first knuckle of all of your fingers removed, and see what you think about it!!” The problem, mainly, in America, is that people are mis-informed. Most people I’ve talked with about it did not realize that it was actually an amputation.

    It’s good to know that this person finally came to his senses about declawing. 2 of my rescues were already front declawed when I got them, but I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER declaw ANY anipal!!

    Excellent article Michael!! ♥♥♥

    • Thanks Diane. The story proves that people can change their opinion. Too many unthinkingly declaw their cat as if it is a standard procedure. It isn’t. The vets need to do more to educate but they tend to do the opposite and subtly encourage it.

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