American Curl Picture

American Curl Picture

Maine Coon cat

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Another great Helmi Flick American Curl picture. This time it is of an especially glamorous American Curl purebred cat. This is a well established cat breed. However, I feel its popularity is limited because I am not sure that a lot of people will find cat ears that are curled back more attractive than normal ears. However, in the breed’s favour is the fact that it is moderate in all other aspects and when the breed was launched at a Palm Springs cat show with the “Shulamith” the founding cat it was  great success. The only extreme element of this cat breed is the ears.

Cat breeds that have been developed from genetic mutations  are not uncommon. In this case it is a dominant gene that mutated and which affects the way the ear flaps of kittens develop during the first weeks of their lives. The ears begin to curl during the first 4-7 days of life. The process is complete at about 16 weeks of age. Being the defining feature of this cat breed there are rules about the ears in the breed standard which must be complied with if the cat is to be a show cat.

The American Curl requires little grooming because the coat rarely mats as there is little undercoat. It is the undercoat of double coated cats that causes problems with matting.

You will see this cat is many different coat colors and patterns as all categories, all divisions and all colors are acceptable by the breed standard.

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