American Friend Pledges $500 For Operation on British Cat

This is another excellent example of international cooperation and partnership in the furtherance of the welfare of the domestic cat! I love that kind of thing. It reminds me of me and thee. By “thee” I mean the regular supporters and contributors to this website.

This little domestic cat story concerns a black random bred shorthaired cat whose name is Tambolina.

American Friend Pledges $500 For Operation on British Cat

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Tambolina’s human caretaker is Mrs Janet West. She lives in Stonehouse, which is near Gloucester in the West of England.

Tambolina became ill. She developed a cyst the size of a satsuma in her chest. It was potentially life-threatening because it prevented her from breathing properly.

Janet spotted the problem when her cat became less active and had difficulty breathing. She took Tambolina to a veterinarian in Stroud who quoted £3,500 for the operation to remove the cyst.

Janet couldn’t afford it. She was horrified and upset because she was frightened that Tambolina would have to be put to sleep. She had insurance money but it had been used up for the initial test.

This is where her American friend stepped in by pledging $500 to contribute towards the operation. A wonderful offer. Janet needed more money. She used one of the new crowd funding websites to raise the remaining money which as it happens was less than the quoted figure because a kind and helpful local veterinarian, Mike Roger, agreed to do the operation for under £1000.

The operation left Tambolina in a frightened state which is unsurprising. Janet questioned whether she had done the right thing. Tambolina was kept in a pen within the home to 2 months. She was quite fragile. Her breastbone had been cracked open as part of the operation.

Tambolina fully recovered and is now back to her old self. I like very much the nature of the cooperation of people who Janet had never met but particularly the generous donation of her American friend across the waters and the British vet who made it all possible. It is the international element that appeals to me because the cat world is one nation.

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7 thoughts on “American Friend Pledges $500 For Operation on British Cat”

  1. Yea, I have cat insurance for two cats in the case they have a serious illness. It’s called Pet N Sur over here. Haven’t really claimed for anything. Wish I had of had, it for Cassy when she got ill. It sure would of helped out a bit. The thing we mostly do is just direct Credit into their bank Account. One thing I must ask is it necessary to vaccinate for each cat once a year. As having 5 cats does get expensive. That’s 200 a year just to vaccinate. Going to get expensive so trying to pay it off as Jasmine due to get fixed in August plus I guess vaccination. Hopeful bill is down then.

  2. valerie (surrey)

    I don’t insure my cats either my daughter did and they wouldn’t pay under a certain amount.Tiggy cost us a lot in bills as she had her heart prob for about 3 years but I don’t begrudge any of it.Lovely people to have helped with this cats bills !!

  3. Thank you for this article, Michael.
    Every bit of it makes me happy and helps renew my faith in people everywhere.
    There are so many lessons here about cat love, generosity, vet greed and non-greed.

  4. Tambolina is pretty and her name is lovely. Quite a striking face. That must have been quite an ordeal.

    My insurance also only covers about 2 grand in vet bills which doesn’t go far in a serious situation. I need a better and probably more expensive insurance for them.

    1. I have never insured my cats on the basis that at the end of the day it will be cheaper. It is all about risk. I tend to take risks. I have never shirked taking my cats to the vet but without insurance people might be more reluctant to see a vet.

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    What a wonderful story! I’m so glad Tambolina recovered.

    ‘This is another excellent example of international cooperation and partnership in the furtherance of the welfare of the domestic cat’

    Yes it is and it’s heart warming to hear about someone else like us at PoC, cares about cats in other countries too 🙂

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