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American on Facebook names Welsh teenage thugs who killed pet cat with their dog — 4 Comments

  1. Wales, Ireand, Scotland AND England are full of these abortions that should have happened but didn’t.

    About 3 miles from us is a ‘traveller camp’ Daily we see young !outs with lurchers, training them with lures to course hares. Any poor cat who ventures near the camp, is !ikely to be ripped up.

    The camp is surrounded by tiny rural lanes, where uncaring peop!e dump their unwanted cats, sometimes in carriers. Sitting targets.

    I know one family who lives on the lanes who do all they can to help these poor dumped cats.

    This family are settled travellers, run a legitimate business, pay taxes etc and are ashamed of their nearby, distant relatives.

    Our laws protecting abusers under the age of 18 are misguided as they promote the idea that
    any young brute can abuse or kill cats with impunity. They frequently do.

    Well done to Mr Lerwill for outing these scumbags.Also to Michael, for allowing the cat killing turd to show himself up with his blatent lies.

    ME King, the UK does not have rabies (yet) nor do we have coyotes, big cats or declawed domestic cats. The culture of free roaming developed when there weren’t so many people, less crowding and a simpler kinder life. You understand just how long it takes to change a culture. One step forward, twenty steps back, as the cat sinks lower a d lower in the hierarchy of concern or even basic respect.

    At least we don’t declaw here, but if brexit happens & we enter into Trump’s insane trade deal, I can see that rap and gang/organised dog fighting culture won’t be the only negative imports we get from the USA, vets will be declawing here too.

    Never to late to abort, well put! Jerry Sadovitz a comedian and card magician has a similar motto.

    In a very screwed up world, we shouldn’t berate those who lost pets to outdoor abuse when the predominant culture has been to allow free roaming. It took having a cat attacked by a cat hater, to get us to raise the considerable funds to secure our small garden.

    Since 1989, we have only one cat attacked by a human. one too many you will agree. Up until 2 years ago, our non FIV+ cats were free roaming, but inside at night.

  2. Sometimes I wonder what it’s going to take to convince cat owners that letting your pet out is turning them into cannon fodder.
    I am very sensitive to my pets needs. If I felt my cats were unhappy with the indoor life I wouldn’t have taken on three more after Kitten was murdered by our bad DVM.
    Those foul little subhumans that should imminently be subjected to post birth abortion are out there. There is no way to regulate the depravity of the minds living in your community. It’s very odd that in today’s world parents no longer let their children run loose on the streets for fear of these kind of perpetrators but think nothing of opening a window or door and letting fluffy out for their frolic. I have left several pet loss support groups now because I cannot deal with a slobbering owner crying because their cat or dog got squished under the wheels of car, poisoned or killed or just never came home again.

    • Point well made. These thugs are gypsy types as far as I can tell. Moronic individuals entertaining themselves by killing free-roaming cats. It is just horrible. Feral humans killing domestic cats.

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