American Shorhair kitten rebuffs Scottish Fold’s attempts to play

One kitten wants to play but the other ain't cooperating
One kitten wants to play but the other ain’t cooperating
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‘Steamed Bun’ is the cute Scottish Fold who desperately wants Wan Xi to play but, no, it ain’t gonna happen today. No response is forthcoming despite a lot of effort.

This is a video filmed in China. It is nice to see this Chinese person embracing Western values on domestic cat ownership. Or is it!? What I mean is that the West has animal welfare laws, albeit rather poorly enforced, while Asia either has no animal welfare laws (China) or if they exist they are almost useless. This state of affairs leads to the inevitable: a general lack of animal welfare although clearly individuals love their companion animals and things are improving.

I am being too serious. Let’s focus on this cute video, shot in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou, a city west of Shanghai, is known for its canals, bridges and classical gardens.

One last serious point: Scottish Folds are popular because of their cute baby-like faces but they should not be bred. They have cartilage problems which can cause serious health issues unless breeding is carefully controlled. And how many kittens are killed soon after birth by the breeder? We never know. No one asks. I am being too serious again….

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