American Shorthair Quick Guide

Popularity In the top ten at 8th place American Shorthair cat Champ beauty shot
Place of origin United States
Date of origin 1904 or 1906 (called “Domestic Shorthair”)
Ancestry Mating of purebred British and random bred American Shorthair
Weight 3.5-7 kg (8-15 lb)
Temperament Easy-going, balanced
Body type Semi-cobby
Registration CFA, TICA, ACFA, CCA (Canadian). Note: GCCF and FiFé don’t register this cat
Colours & Types Huge range: solid (self), bi-color, chinchilla, shaded, smoke, diluted, smoke and white, tortoiseshell, calico, silver, tabby (brown, silver, patched and mackerel), van, and combinations of these. Picture: red patched tabby and white, Champ
Outcross breeds None
Note Solid American cat, one of the original breeds
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