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American Shorthair Tabby Cats — 2 Comments

  1. I am looking to purchase an American Shorthair, ticked or shaded silver.

    I am without a cat for the first time in 30 years. I have only hard three cats in that period of time and one of them overlapped the other two in her 16 years of life. I take very good care of my cats and they are indoors and well loved. I run a B&B so I am home a lot and appreciate the mellow and loving dispositon of American Shorthair cats. Pleas let me know if you have availabe cats or some coming soon. I am eager for companionship.

    Sincerely, Joan Crone

    • Joan, thank you for commenting. Regrettably, this is not a website that is owned by a cat breeder. I am sorry to tell you that. I’m not sure where you live but if you live in America a good starting point would be the websites of the 2 major Associations namely The International Cat Association and The Cat Fanciers’ Association. In the UK The Governing Council Of the Fancy is the one to choose. Good Luck.

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