American trucker, Nick, reunited with his travelling cat companion after plea on Reddit

Waylon snoozing in the truck.
Waylon snoozing in the truck. Photo: Nick.
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Nick, 23, is a veteran and a truck driver. He has no wife, no girlfriend, no kids and no one in particular but he does have a cat companion who happens to be a tabby cat and whose name is Waylon. They travel together while he’s working. Nice.

“That cat represents my whole life. I don’t have any kids, or a wife, or even a girlfriend. That cat is my only companion.”


The website tells us that Nick was on his way past Elgin, Illinois when he saw that one of his mirrors needed repair so he pulled in to a garage. They needed until the next morning to repair it so he stayed overnight watching television with Waylon.

Somehow Waylon had escaped his cab (the sleeper) and he went in search of him.

“I stood and hollered for him, but he didn’t respond. Waylon ALWAYS responds. He is a very vocal cat. I started tearing up the sleeper hoping he was just really sleepy or something, but I found no luck there. That’s when I realised that he had gotten out.”


After 12 hours of searching Nick had to move on because he was, after all, in a job delivering items. He hit the road and before doing so he made a plea on the website asking for help. He used the “Trucker Cats” page. He realized that the odds of finding his were slim.

“I know that the odds are slim, but if you pick him up or see him please let me know. I don’t know what else to do. I have to get back on the road now, so it’s out of my hands. I won’t give up hope. I know that he’ll remember me as long as he lives. I love you buddy. I hope I see you soon. “


Nick received lots of messages of encouragement and support but his cat was still missing. When he picked up a new cargo in Wisconsin before heading off to Utah he received a call on his cell phone from a couple who said that they had found Waylon in a bush by the side of the highway.

Nick immediately took a detour to the Iowa border because he became convinced that they had indeed found his cat.

“I needed him back. That cat represents my whole life…”


The couple had indeed found his cat and the reunion was emotional. Waylon has settled back into his routine, travelling America with Nick in his truck. In recognition of his reunion with his cat companion, Nick started an Instagram account, from which the photograph and video on this page have been taken. Well done Nick and well done for being a bloke who loves a cat and is not ashamed to talk about!

4 thoughts on “American trucker, Nick, reunited with his travelling cat companion after plea on Reddit”

  1. Ah, I am such glutton for stories like this. I can’t get enough of them. So glad they were reunited. His words were so heartfelt and true I got a lump in my throat. They are exactly what I would have said. The responses he got were touching too. In a world growing less kind or caring every day, this reminds us about what is so much better than that, what is worth living for.

    • I forgot and just listened to the little video. That was SO good! There are still people out there who have no idea how great companions cats can be, and would be so delighted to find out personally themselves. Then they’d see what guys like us have been talking about.

      • Yes, I thought it was nice too. The story highlights the connection we can have with a cat companion and the benefits that can be derived from the relationship. Hope u are well.


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