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American woman hunted and shot lion in Africa. Are you angry? — 49 Comments

    • I don’t think there is one case of a lion eating a child in recent history. Yes, there were some man-eating lions in Africa 100 years ago or so but not today. Certainly no chance today. Your argument is poor and out of step with modern thinking.

    • She was on the news (radio). She shoots anything. She proudly tells the world how many different species of animal she has shot (I think it is something like 65 different animals). A horrible, insensitive, unthinking, selfish, immoral person as far as I am concerned. The world does not need people like her.

  1. Pathetic, cowards that get all their food from a supermarket or a pizza place.
    Good for Melissa Bachman, great shot from 60 yards.
    Real skill unlike cowards and trash that are brave hiding behind a computer in their mommy’s basement. Get a job, get a life.
    Sack of crap, how about we feed you to the lions or hyenas, after all it is all about helping the wild life. Your sacrifice would improve the world, cut CO2 emissions and lessen the stupid noise.

    • What the hell are you talking about? What point are you making? You are writing gobbledygook. Ten to one on, you are a silly troll living with your “Mom” in her suburban home and you’re 38.

      • Another POS who cannot even read, pathetic.
        unlike you I have a real job, not living in mommy’s basement on welfare.
        At least you can spell, can’t think though, no surprise there.
        Another POS coward, what a waste of skin.
        Sad really.

        • It is you who is sad. You’re just ignorant, something out of the dark ages. You actually support the shooting of lions in Africa! How can anyone in their right mind support that?

          By the way I a retired solicitor in the UK (London). Just to put the record straight.

  2. So can someone please tell me how i can change this?? Online petitions apparently mean nothing but I am more than serious about putting an end to this unjust, arrogant, sick act. Animals should NOT be hunted for any reason other than food. HELP!!

    • I know exactly how you feel. I really do. One problem that we have is that we cannot change it. The only change can come from the people of South Africa who clear out the current government and replace it with one that respects wildlife and preserves it for the future rather than thinking short term and making fast bucks through licensing hunting.

      There a lot of wealthy people who are willing to pay a lot ($20,000 for a canned lion hunt and lots more for this sort of hunt) for the pleasure of shooting a lion. If each of the 4,000 lions shot were worth $20,000 to the “owner” – and I guess these lions are “owned” by the people who run the reserves – that makes 80,000,000 (80 million) USD. Shooting lions in Africa makes someone rich.

      By the way, there is no need today to hunt animals for food in the USA or any industrialised nation. I don’t even in believe in that. It is an archaic concept.

    • Nothing can change until all humans respect all animals and realise they are not put on this earth for us to hunt for pleasure, or to eat, or to use, or to entertain us, or to experiment on, or to abuse, or for any other way the selfish human race pleases to do with them just because we can.

    • it might be your death if the lion gets to you, then say save the lion. yes they are beautiful animals but not from the inside of his mouth

  3. Terrible, disgusting and totally ignorant. If I killed a Lion it would be something to be totally ashamed of for the rest of my life, wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

    • Nor me!
      But we and the others who are disgusted about this too are compassionate caring human beings who would never ever take an animal’s life for our own pleasure let alone pose with the murdered creature and brag about it.

      • I deleted this idiot comment – Michael (Admin). DaleB is one of Woodsman’s aliases.

        Message: Woody just p*ss off and don’t return. You are so damn tiresome and totally in denial of your psychosis.

    • I wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger. The whole concept is completely alien to me. There is something very backward and ignorant about sport hunting. You only have to look at the people.

  4. One lion is nothing compared to the thousands and thousands that are slowly suffering to death and dying around the world from feline specific diseases that are being spread everywhere by free-roaming house-cats. At least one that is shot dies quickly and humanely, not true of one that dies from one of the many diseases that your house-cats spread to it and all its offspring.

    thenational D0T ae SLASH news/uae-news/big-cat-owners-warned-to-keep-them-acres-away-from-feral-strays

    rapidcityjournal D0T com SLASH sports/local/feral-cats-pose-threat-to-birds-lions/article_8ec451c9-4b03-55a3-baa7-71ac577905cb.html

    People who let house-cats roam free are torturing thousands of native cats to death.

    Which way is your finger pointing now?

    • Which diseases carried by the domestic cat and transmitted by the domestic cat are transmitted to African lions and which then kills them? And how many lions die as a result? Please supply verifiable details.

    • It doesn’t matter what we write about cats Woody you play the same old record of getting at domestic cat lovers and it’s very boring and you waste your time because no one gives a damn what you think.You have no proof of any of your rantings you are just a thick troll who can’t think for himself.
      Which way is YOUR finger pointing I wonder probably desperately at the keyboard searching for another cat article to troll on.
      GET A LIFE for God’s sake.

      • Rose, “twisted thinking” isn’t worth responding to.
        I just want to let him rant his same old canned stuff and get on without him.

        • Dee, I deleted his comment when I realised it was him. Sorry I was slow. He is genuinely crazy. We know the problems with the domestic cat. We are not in denial. We are realists. But he exaggerates massively and is a died in the wool cat hater.

          • Thanks, Michael.
            But, unless he’s abusive, I think we are all just ignoring him.
            He can rant all he wants. I don’t care. I’m not affected by it anymore. He’s a waste of time and can never support his statements.
            I read his first sentence, know it’s him/her, and don’t read any more. Same old, same old…
            The sad part is that I don’t mind an opposing opinion and love a good debate; but, his thought pattern is irrational.

            • Thanks Dee. I don’t want anyone to be upset by him. If he was more polite and presented a more balanced viewpoint I would be happy to accept counter arguments and even criticism. Constructive criticism is good. I welcome it but this stuff is just hopeless biased rubbish.

        • I should ignore him too but he gives such twisted views I feel I have to try to put that right for any visitors who don’t know he’s a cat hating troll because his comments are so dangerously biased and wrong.

          • I know it’s hard, Rose. Michael and several of us challenged him to provide support for his statements. He can never do that. He’s a waste of time and energy.

            • It is hard Dee when he writes such rubbish and Rose is right, he’s dangerous.
              I can’t see what pleasure he gets out of it either, can you? His insides must be bubbling with acid from his bitterness.

              • You are so right, Ruth AKA. I think he is very dangerous.
                When Michael said that he wanted to meet with him, I freaked.
                I don’t think any of us would want that to happen without being enmass with him.
                This is an idiot sociopath with a gun!

            • Yes Dee, Michael is a very brave and genuine man and Woody just a snivelling coward but also a dangerous sociopath who we all know have not a shred of feeling for anyone but themselves and always think they are right even when so obviously wrong.
              People like that should be locked up and the key thrown away for good!

  5. Yes I’m furious that this woman actually described the lion as beautiful and still shot him, why would she want to destroy something that she thinks is beautiful? What sort of people actually admire this murderess? Do men find woman who kill for pleasure attractive? It’s revolting, it’s cruel and there is nothing sporting about it at all. I don’t mind saying it here and now I HATE people who hunt and kill for pleasure and I would love to physically attack this jumped up hag with her gun and her whitened teeth and boobs sticking out so proudly and her flaming necklace so carefully in place and black both of her eyes. And then I’d like to rub her face in the excreta that the lion probably did in the pain and trauma of the moment of death. Now where is that petition?

  6. I for one find it appalling .I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for this next remark , but so be it. I was raised eating wild game , by that I mean thee were times with so many mouths to feed if my Daddy didn’t get a deer there would be no meat for a very long time . Every part of that deer was used . The meat , the hide , the antlers and even the hooves(they went to a family friend ). Would I hunt to feed my family ,YES. Would I stalk down a majestic beast w/ a high powered rifle as sport? HELL NO! I see no SPORT in using a gun against a ,basically ,unarmed animal . The true sport as far as I’m concerned , would be to hunt the animal using only the weapons God gave you! I.E. your teeth , your (nails) claws and your wits . Because it sure as heck doesn’t take WITS to ambush and stalk an animal who has only those things to fight back or HUNT YOU! America is at it’s poorest right now and many families are going hungry . Taking ONLY what you need from the land , what God provided , and thinning the herd , to me is acceptable . Not for sport , not for the huge trophy head , not to just be able to say you did it! I do apologize if my view on this offends of upsets anyone.Yet,again…it is my opinion , and after all just that.

    • Good comment, Jan.
      I will never understand how hunting can be seen as a sport.
      I’m not a huge sports fan, but I have some understanding of what it entails:
      The competitors are always WILLING participants. And, they have some semblence of equality, ie. you can’t have a race car and expect me to compete with a tricycle. There should be no bold advantages.
      I suggest that, if Melissa wants to “play games” with the King of the Jungle that she grow her nails, pack on some hefty weight, and get into a closed arena with him.

      • Exactly! I remember years ago my father ,who was a gun smith, refusing to make loads of Ammo for a client as the man wanted loads to hunt ELEPHANT and RHINO! My father refused and then told the man to take his business from then on elsewhere. I mean REALLY?Just so stupid…”Geez dear let’s go get our guns and sneak up on one of the most majestic creatures God ever created and shot it…because we can!!”ARGG… Do you think they would eat the meat? Just find all this “Big game” hunting very misnamed! They should call it “Idiots with guns”.And where do they get the game part? I do agree.This woman needs to hunt one on one with the animals she is hunting!!!

        • Idiots with guns” would be a much better name for those losers who like to kill things. I would support a contest between any unarmed hunter and a hungry Lion. Humans are a pretty depraved lot. I will never understand wanting to kill something unless it is in self defense.

          • I know. I have never understood why people today still like to shoot animals and kill them for the fun of it. I don’t see any fun in it. I see the opposite. For some peculiar reason sport hunters have retained the personality of early stone age man. There is no place in the world for sport hunting but it is still a 10 billion dollar activity in the US (17 million typical Americans love it).

  7. Yes I am angry, in fact I am stotting at this callous excuse for a woman killing that beautiful lion, posing with it and her blasted weapon of destruction and boasting about her conquest.
    She may think she is pretty and clever but she is ugly inside and that shows on her smirking face.
    The lion is far more beautiful than her, even dead!
    I hate all hunters with a passion and as much as I am usually a peaceful person I feel that I could happily see those murderers themselves shot in cold blood. I rejoice when a hunter shoots him/herself or another hunter by mistake! I love Karma!
    Why do they have to take life to make them happy?

  8. She should be shot and stuffed and put on a wall for all to see as an example of something very bad.

    Pretty simple really.

    And she thinks it’s beautiful – what f****** a**h*** – and screw the people who arrange all of this too. I’m sure they all have crappy problems in their personal lives and blame it on everything but themselves. That’s how karma works.

    • We should start hunting the hunters. That’s make them very edgy wouldn’t it. God I would laugh until kingdom come to see that lady running for her life with bullets flying at her. Taste of her own stupid medicine.

          • I’d be with you there Marc a taste of their own poison is what anyone who kills animals for sport needs.
            There is no no no need to kill animals at all these days there is no need to eat them we don’t need to eat dead flesh to survive.
            God help this world with all the murderers in many guises who inhabit it.

      • I would gladly hunt her and other hunters. That would cut the amount of hunters down by about 99.9 percent. They would run and hide. Any IDIOT can pull a trigger and many do.

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