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Americans Prefer Dogs to Cats? — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, I agree that Americans prefer dogs to cats. I don’t think it is always because they LIKE dogs better. I think they see dogs as being more functional/useful to them, ie. protection, hunters, guide dogs. Some of these people view their dogs more as employees (work for food) rather than pets or companions.

    I love dogs. however, the differences between them and cats makes me more of a cat person. I think dogs are less self-sufficient and creative than cats. I find cats more fun. They are born entertainers. And, they are experts at entertaining themselves.
    Some moments, when I’m pressed for time and I know it’s playtime for Damon, I can almost hear his thoughts, “I know you’re busy, Mom, so I’ll just play with my pile of stuff or maybe with that string over there on the floor.”

    • Dee thats a lovely way to think of Damon 🙂 my cats love play time and I too am shocked as Ruth has said only 9 minutes per day!! Thats barely enough to feed them!! All the cats ignored all the dogs not walked its just so sad 🙁

  2. Anyone who only cares for their pet less than 1 hour a week must be seriously neglecting them.
    It’s less than 9 minutes a day!
    It’s incredible that the highest percentage of people caring for their pet is 5 hours, that’s less than an hour a day.
    Taking into consideration feeding and grooming and playing with pets I think the statistics are shocking that so few people care for 11-20 hours or 20+

    • I think this part of the poll – the time spent caring and interacting with a “pet” is the most disturbing of all the statistics from this poll. You can bet that most of that lack of caring time is with respect to the cat because dogs demand some interaction.

      • Exactly, Michael. Cats are viewed as less demanding and more independent. People see their aloofness at times as not being needy. Sometimes I see aloofness as a sign that they are very much in need.

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