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Americans Should Ensure That Their Children Make Wills — 2 Comments

  1. A very timely & important article. Thank you.

    In the UK Apple have an utterly foul reputation for refusing to allow access to Apple iPhones & other Apple devices belonging to deceased persons, thusly stopping the deceased’s estate being correctly administered. In one sad case of adult suicide, Apple refused to abide by a legal decision & caused untold emotional damage to the bereaved & their grieving process.

    Facebook’s crass arrogance in automatically memorialising accounts needs to end. The decision about digital content & its fate should stay with the bereaved or the deceased’s organisation.

    Pay heed to Michael’s advice folks, it will apply to not just Facebook, but Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google & eventually maybe Reddit & all blogging platforms too.

    Can teenagers in the UK make wills?

    These behemoth organisations that are censoring, exploiting, abusing every living being in the world, are not what the internet was supposed to be for. Alas, corruption is king.

    Social networks can be great for humane purposes, but there is always a dark side, a cost that has to be paid, by the innocent.

    • Can teenagers in the UK make wills? The age is 18. I am thinking of older kids. I think Facebook have behaved very poorly.

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