Amputee Travels over 1000 Miles To Adopt Another Amputee

Amputee cat and amputee person
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Amputee cat and amputee person. Photo: First Coast News.

Brian Gentilotti lives in Massachusetts. Brian lost his right leg because of a motorcycle accident in 2006. He elected to have the amputation because there were complications in repairing his leg. Brian was volunteering for a children’s camp for kids who were amputees in or near Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Tim Houston, 10, introduced Brian to a slender black young cat, Itty Bitty who had also lost a leg, her front left, as a result of an accident. He was found with a very badly injured leg and was taken to a rescue facility called Katz 4 Keeps, which serves the Ponte Verda and Jax beaches.

When Brian met Itty Bitty he couldn’t adopt her immediately because she required surgery to amputate her leg, which is why he returned from his home in Massachusetts to Florida after the operation, to take her home.

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I like the symmetry in this story. It doesn’t take an amputee to be attracted to a cat amputee but it probably helps because a person who has lost a limb is likely to be more empathetic to a cat who has suffered the same loss.

I believe that it is possible that a person can have a stronger bond with a disabled cat than he or she could have with a fully able bodied cat. I’m just saying that the potential is there. That would certainly be the case in this instance because both the caretaker and the cat have the same loss.

The message is clear, and it comes from Brian. He believes that despite the loss of a limb or even greater disability, a person is still able to live a full life provided he doesn’t just sit at home and feel sorry for himself. He is always impressed by how fellow amputees have got on with life and achieved things.

His belief is reinforced by watching his sweet cat behave as if he has four limbs. This is one of the great strengths of the domestic cat: they don’t complain or feel sorry for themselves, they just get on with life and adapt and make the most of things. People can learn from that.

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2 Responses

  1. DW says:

    And really, no empathy is required for that little black beauty. Look at her romp! I think she will be a constant reminder to Brian that life goes on. He isn’t just an amputee, he is alive and well. And so is she. She is a cat. Who happens to have only three legs.

    I love this kind if story.

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