“An act of nature” – dogs kill a cat

Cat attacked and killed by dogs

When dogs attack a cat and kill her, it is described as “an act of nature” by the police. Because of that the police say they are powerless to investigate. They changed their story later on saying that no witnesses had come forward so they couldn’t do anything. Hardly any better. A rather feeble excuse as the police are paid to find witnesses to crimes and then catch criminals. Apparently not in Hartlepool, UK when the cat is an outdoor/indoor cat called Twanny owned by Walter and Eileen.

Someone heard what appeared to be the dogs’ owners saying, “come on we have to go”. So why can’t the police ask some questions and find out who keeps dogs nearby? Clearly the dogs’ owners were present when the attack happened late at night.

Tawnny’s owners had the old fashioned British habit of “putting their cat out at night”. I have no idea why people think they should do this. I presume they actually lock the cat out. It seems bizarre to me but it was fashionable at one time, years ago.

Cats are low priority for the police. Even burglary is low priority never mind attacks on cats. It would be unusual if the police expended any of their precious resources and time to catch dog owners who had allowed their dogs to kill someone’s cat.


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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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9 Responses

  1. Leah says:

    My thoughts are very much with Twannys parents right now I’m so sorry for your loss the thought of this happening to one of my cats would destroy me 🙁

    All this gets my hackles up for so many different reasons as I feel that where cats are concerned we are becoming more like America every day (sorry PoC visitors who are American all I’m trying to say is that your animal welfare laws don’t seem to protect cats at all in fact just the opposite)

    There is a guy that lives round our way who owns a Pitbull type dog. He walks everywhere with him off the lead. Clearly he thinks that he has the God given right to do this and stuff everyone else. This raises a number of points with me; 1. He may have that dog totally under control 2. He may not and as such wouldn’t give a damn if the dog killed someones cat in fact he looks so vile he would probably relish it. 3. Point of fact; what if that dog did try to kill someones cat in the cats own front garden, say a member of the cats family was a small child who runs out on hearing the noise and gets bit? Worse still mauled. Happens all the time sadly so for me its all down to irresponsible dog ownership and keeping every dog on a lead in public. 4. So the child gets mauled trying to separate his beloved cat from the dogs jaws then what happens? The dog gets destroyed. Does the owner get punished? unlikely; I’ve never known it. In reality they own a killing machine like a car in fact; you could kill someone with irresponsible use of a car so why not a dog if you don’t control it? Child dies from injuries then why isn’t the owner being convicted of manslaughter?

    Irresponsible dog ownership for me and not keeping a dog on the lead should carry much much heavier penalties. For me these cocky idiots who let their dogs run wild should be locked up end of.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for the link, Ruth. As Cats Protection say, there is one fatal dog attack on cats per week. That means a lot more are injured. I know that if it happened to Charlie I would be extremely upset so a change in the law would be welcome to include dangerous dog attacks on cats as a crime.

    • Leah says:

      Just looked at it Ruth I hope it does as well.

  2. Marc says:

    Dogs seem to automatically get a higher position in the heirarchy than cats. Because cats can look after themselves that makes them less interesting to the mainstream who see them more as decoration whereas the same people see the dog as a way of life. 2 bit analogue morons. How do you let your dog kill a cat without letting it off the lead and then even why don’t you say ‘stop’ and the dog should be trained to listen and stop as told. Because those same morons like big mean dogs who are all scary and stuff. I’m sorry but if I saw a dog attack any cat anywhere I would get physical very quickly at my own risk. Living in a community and having a dog who is at risk to kill cats or maybe even scare or injure humans is not socially acceptable – infact it’s neanderthole and for people who live in the middle of buttf**k nowhere and must protect themselves from bears and such. Then it’s ok to have a tough and agressive dog. Otherwise it’s simply an extension of a very small character. I disagree with the principle of breed specific laws banning pitbulls however the fact that it’s often completely brain challenged people who want to have them doesn’t help preventing such a law to be passed. Lets not forget many dogs are bred for hunting and so on. Living in the city with a big animal designed for a totally other purpose is cruel to the animal, who needs outdoors and a life, and antisocial and dangerous for everyone else.

    • Marc says:

      Poor Twanny – I’d be beside myself if it were my cat. Very sad. She must have been cornered because lets face it most dogs are about as agile as a rock, especially the chunky muscled killong machine dogs. A cat can only get in trouble if very unlucky – suprised or caught in a corner without escape.

    • Leah says:

      Marc I couldn’t agree more and lets face it cats and dogs live amicably together its usually the Morons you describe that teach their dogs to hate and chase cats.

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    Yes it’s time to crack down on dog owners who allow their dogs to chase and kill cats and I think the cat’s owners should have involved the RSPCA. They may not have been able to do anything but at least they would be aware of someone in that area who thinks it’s acceptable that dogs kill cats. It’s a pity those police called it ‘an act of nature’ and they should be chastised for this because it’s part of their job to enforce the Pet Welfare Act which is there to protect ALL pets, cats as well as dogs!
    Some people are always nagging about cats and how they shouldn’t be free to roam, but dogs off leads are a serious threat to cats and other dogs and also children. We never hear of a cat attacking and killing a child as dogs do sometimes! We never hear of a cat chasing and killing a dog do we! Imagine the outcry from dog owners then, the police wouldn’t get away with calling that ‘an act of nature’

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