An example of perpetuating cat cruelty

Cat cruelty is perpetuated when parents and adults demonstrate it to their children or other children and/or engage their children in it through encouragement or by failing to stop it (bad parenting through ommission). The children are likely to do likewise when they become parents.

Fox 19 News, present us with a good example of perpetuating cat cruelty. The events took place in Middletown, Ohio, USA, in Butler County.

People have come forward who have witnessed, shockingly, adults and children being cruel to cats. The witnesses have seen children tie a cat to the back of a bicycle and then ride the bike dragging the cat across concrete. The cat was rescued by Joseph’s Legacy Rescue. A spokesperson for the rescue organisation, Meg Melampy, said that the thought of what happened has taken a toll upon her. She says that it is the kind of thing that keeps you up at night.

I think the photograph on this page is the cat concerned. He has been renamed “Ellis”. He had blood dripping from his eye and scrapes on his neck and feet. He had a fractured jaw and there were maggots on his body. He has been treated successfully by veterinarian and will be adopted and rehomed.

The underlying problem is, as I see it, adults being cruel to cats with children. They’re doing it together. This is something that really must stop. Meg Melampy correctly states that it must be done through education. A task force has been set up. I would add that punishment should also be considered as this is a crime. No question about it. There is no mention in the story indicating police involvement.

The task force will be made up of volunteers and neighbours who can keep an eye on the cats. Apparently there are 20 to 30 community cats throughout the neighbourhood who are vulnerable to this sort of cruelty. Meg is particularly disturbed that it is children who are the possible culprits. The ultimate culprits are the parents. The children are being educated by demonstration and through observation on how to be cruel to cats.

It is sickening to think that a young person, a child, can lack the sensitivity and empathy towards an animal to such an extent that they can willingly and joyously harm the animal with a complete disregard for the consequences and the total abandonment of responsibility for their actions. The fault lies at the feet of the parents and other adults.


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4 thoughts on “An example of perpetuating cat cruelty”

  1. Cruelty to animals sickens me to the core. I especially have a soft spot for cats, and they seem to be targeted the most. I wish the governments took animal cruelty much more seriously. This just has to stop.

    • Yes, I feel the same way. I happens too much because the cat is particularly vulnerable to abuse from humans. Cats are often trusting of humans. Shame.

  2. All anyone has to do now is pick up their phone and start recording. Download to your pc or another device before call the police. If the police refuse to act put it on FB.

  3. I know these monster kids will not be punished. I would like to take a stick to both them and their parents. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about this.


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