An Exercise Program that’s Purrfect for Cat Lovers is Cat-Ching On

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It’s necessary to embark upon a prudent and interesting exercise program to help keep us in tip top emotional and physical heath. Too many of us have become inactive couch potatoes which truly sets a very bad example for our kitty companions.

Since we all want our cats to live a longer, healthier and happier life, and hanging out with them gives us tremendous pleasure, there must be a way that we can both shed our extra pounds and remain closely involved with our kitties during the process.

However, far as I am concerned, what often makes exercise such a dull and boring activity, in order to keep in shape we stick to the “tried and true” exercise methods that are always part of all programs offered by almost every exercise gym in the world.

For example, treadmills, bicycle and rowing machines get us nowhere. Do we pass through beautiful scenery or enjoy the sound of a babbling brook? Heck no! I mean, it’s totally impossible to develop an interpersonal relationship, or get our brains stimulated with the use of mechanical devices, don’t you think?

As a result exercise programs can become more of a chore than something to which we look forward. Many of us become disenchanted with our personal commitment to work out daily and we can come up with a thousand excuses to avoid doing it. As exercising becomes more of a chore, many of us often just give up.

Since I care deeply getting fit, healthy and happy, I am deeply committed to prevent folks from reverting to their couch potato ways, I felt compelled to do some research to come up with a solution that will help folks find creative ways to both enjoy their exercise programs, while at the same time remain closely connected with their beloved kitties.

So after hours of exhaustive web surfing, I am thrilled to report that I ran across one of the most unique and furr-endly purrsonal trainers who is more than eager to share his rather unusual training method that he recommends for those of us who have become burned out by more traditional workouts.

Not only that, he promises a long and meaningful relationship with the exercise equipment, as long as folks adhere to his simple ideas. Gone are the days where the unfulfilling leg squats and meaningless sit-ups that are central to the core of traditional daily exercise routines.

What makes his distinctive methods so appealing to cat lovers, it that it adds that purrsonal touch that we all crave; giving us the incentive to carry on. Best of all there is no expensive machines that must be purchased, no contract that must be signed and there?s only a nominal cost to covers the maintenance of the equipment.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce that exercise maven, Cory Williams of the Cat Diaries Fame. He strongly believes that anyone who is owned by a kitty and who is fascinated with and open to a program that is slightly absurd will find it easy to follow the simple but detailed instructions he shares with his “stay in shape” secrets.

Watch those unwanted pounds start to disappear while having some fun. Do take some notes while watching his instructional video. Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during the filming of this video, uploaded to YouTube by TheMeanKitty.

So stop pussyfooting around. Get involved in the program. But do take the time to carefully select just the right piece of equipment.

What’s your opinion of Cory Wiliam’s felinest exercise program? Do share your opinions in a comment.


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