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An integrative approach to veterinary medicine combines traditional and alternative treatments — 8 Comments

  1. Alternative medical practices are great. We have used holistic approaches for our senior cats and also acupuncture. I would suggest that if you are thinking of using any of these that you seek out well trained professionals. There are people out there that practice but are not well trained.

  2. I agree with the above posts. I do think there needs to be additional studies about alternative treatments. Together with traditional treatments I do think the veterinary field could be improved greatly.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Jo; and I send *PRAYERS* and love up, and out, for both of your sweet boys to thrive! In my family we prefer traditional and natural methods of preventive health maintenance, care, and treatment. Staying healthy is always the best defense! And in cases of illness, it is always preferable that the treatment not harm the patient; allopathic medicinecannot be said to do that, so we opt for natural treatment whenever possible. I, too, have had to administer Sub-Q, whem our beloved Moti was in CRF; it bought her, and us, seven months of loved and I hope quality life together. Everyone would benefit from studying natural methods of health maintenance and treatment, not only for their beloved cats, but also for themselves — we, after all, are our cats’ guardians and our caring for them should include staying strong and healthy ourselves!

  4. I agree with you, Michael-

    Combining therapies that work together really does work. I am amazed that Sir Hubble has started responding to the Chinese herbal therapy already. He is beginning to act more “kittenish” with more energy and his appetite has improved back to his normal delight in food. His eyes are also clearing up really quickly. I am delighted with his progress.

    Now if we can get him back on raw food that would be really the best for him since he loves it.

    Right now I am a very happy camper- and optimistic that his health will keep improving. Will keep y’all posted, of course.

    • The truth is (as I see it) that we are still learning about medicine and have a long way to go on that learning curve. One day we might well look back and think how crude we were today.

      This is why we should keep our minds open to alternative avenues and ideas.

  5. Personally, I am in favour of holistic veterinary treatments. Conventional medicine has its critics and perhaps cat owners put too much faith in it. Vets appear to be reluctant to take up alternative forms of treatment.I think more veterinarian should try holistic treatments as it can’t do any harm and often will do some good as you have indicated in your article.

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