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An interesting observation by a TNR advocate on how feral colonies share kitten care — 4 Comments

  1. I do not take care of any feral colonies, but wanted to comment. I find the feral communal life fascinating. Very interesting article.

  2. It’s nice to knowthat male cats can assume a parental role. Domestics usually aren’t like lions, but who knows.

    My experience with this is not TNR but with unneutered cats in the home. I only comment because the male we had at the time killed the kittens when the mom took a break. My mother’s comment was that that was normal and it’s always stuck with me.

    The only other observation that might support this is when her Scottie had pups the first time. Molly would watch Sunshine, an expert mouser, while he was in to eat, (he’d get disgusted and leave), but Frankie earned only occasional glances and could stay in.

    No flames please. These are my observations.

    • Hi Anne, thanks for commenting. I have never heard of a male domestic cat killing kittens (correction: I do remember now!). It is rare. I’ll do a bit of work in this today. There may have been a specific but unusual reason for the male cat killing the kittens but if they were true domestic cats in a person’s home there is no obvious reason for this behavior that I can readily think of. But…..I’ve found a post I did which contains the answer…

      Here is the page which explains what is going on – click on the link:


  3. This is why TNR advocates work so hard to catch and spay/neuter the cats. Unfortunately, it can take time to trap a trap-savvy female and the result is kittens. Just remember it’s just as important to catch and neuter the males as well. Many kittens can be trapped in time to find them a real home before their “feral side” kicks in.

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