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An MP in the Croydon area is urging for police to reopen UK cat mutilation investigation

An MP in the Croydon, UK area is urging for police to reopen the Croydon cat killer/mutilation investigation.

Conservative Elliot Colburn wants Croydon case reopened (

As many as 400 cats were reported mutilated or killed in and around south London since November 2015. Metropolitan Police closed their three-year investigation, Operation Takahe, in 2018. Six cases needed a more thorough investigation but Scotland Yard has blamed not a human killer/mutilator but vehicle accidents.

Another theory was that urban foxes were responsible. Conservative MP Elliot Colburn for Carshalton and Wallington recently spoke to the House of Commons where he bashed both theories.

It started in Croydon, which is the borough which I border, however, there was a spate of cat killings which involved beheading the cat which has spread to other parts of south London, including Carshalton and Wallington. The pattern of behaviour, particularly beheading the cat and leaving it there with no evidence of the cat being eaten, doesn’t suggest to me that this was urban foxes, this suggests to me there is a systematic level of abuse going on here.

MP Colburn calls vehicle deaths as well as urban foxes ‘fanciful.’ Especially wild animal kills since many of the cats had only the head removed or the tail docked. Most wild animals do a more thorough job in killing and usually devour the organ meat on the animal.

MP Elliott Colburn addresses House of Commons (PA)

MP Colburn added he sincerely hopes the case will be reopened so the cat owners can have a bit of justice about what happened to their cats. The investigation should begin with those six suspicious cases and go from there.

Michael Broad and I have both covered multiple cases involving mutilation and covered them extensively. Please click here to access articles on the Croydon case, as there are many. The page will open in a new window.

Anyone with further information is welcome to add anything pertaining to the case in the comment section.

I’d also like to urge cat owners in the UK to PLEASE keep their cats inside if at all possible. You have no clue how many posts I see on social media stating it’s safe to allow cats to wander in the UK. Apparently it’s NOT!

Sources include Express and Star and News Shopper

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