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An Occasion When Cat Claw Caps Are Useful and Practical — 13 Comments

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  2. I agree with all the comments so far. I am strongly against declawing, but claw cups are an acceptable way to handle certain situations and seem like the best solution in the situation described in the article.

  3. One other reason for claw caps. The elderly have very fragile skin and just the playful movements of the cats and accidental tearing of the elderly person’s skin can be harmful to the human. But to deprive the cat of his or her claws and the elderly person of the company of a beloved companion can be traumatic for both.

    • Yes, well said and thanks for that Susan. I think everyone should be flexible in their thinking but always have the well being amd welfare of cats in mind.

  4. Clipping your indoor cats claws will always be the number one way to mitigate damage. And come on folks. If you have pets you bought into some wear and tear on the old homestead.
    Only clip the front claws. An escapee with clipped fronts and intact back claws can still climb. You may have to on occasion trim the backs. a normal healthy cat will keep the backs rounded down.
    Buy a high quality easy to hold trimmer or nail clipper. You want a clean slice not a chew through or crushing.
    I don’t know about tips but trimming the front claws does not interfere with your cats natural desire to stretch and sharpen on their posts or other scratchers.
    tips are better than shelter dumping, just dumping or euthanasia.

    • Excellent comment ME. The author of the article could have mentoioned what you have mentioned in your comment. I am not sure she/he considered trimming claws. Perhaps it was felt to be impractical but I doubt it.

      • From what I read, you need to clip the claws before you put the caps on, so clearly in the particular case described it wasn’t enough. Maybe the author of the article couldn’t do it himself/herself or maybe the cat managed to still scratch the baby.

        The issue with clipped claws is while it protects the furniture and to a certain degree skin, I found that if a cat with clipped claws applies sufficient force, he can still break the skin.

  5. I agree with both Anonymous and The Frugal Exerciser. The claw caps are appropriate as they solve the inherent problems of keeping this cat inside, where he is safe.

    While I agree that “some” immunocompromised individuals need to be kept safe from cat scratches and/or bites, there are alternatives to declawing. Claw caps are one alternative.

    • I agree with you Franny. Under certain circumstance claw caps can be appropriate. Personally, I think they should be a last resort solution and declawing is obviously completely out of the question as it is…I won’t describe what I think about declawing 😉

      • I tend to agree with you about claw caps being a last resort, Michael. Clipping cats claws really works, however it ideally should be started early, which is not possible with many cats.

        I start very slowly with an adult cat, and often stop after clipping one or two claws – *before* the cat starts to fidget and squirm. I always give the cat some loving scritches then, along with a treat afterward. Eventually s/he learns that claw clipping is painless, and actually makes it more comfortable to walk. Some cats even learn to look forward to their claw clipping sessions. 😀

        • I agree again Franny. If it is possible, all cat guardians should clip their cat’s claws at an early age to acclimatise them to it. It should be an obligatory part of cat ownershp if the person hates scratching. Scratching has never bothered me. Although I do trim claws from time to time.

      • Michael, I totally agree with Anonymus, The Frugal Exercise, Franny and yourself .. and ABSOLUTELY NOT — DECLAWING will NEVER be an OPTION in my books — or on my cats!!♥♥♥

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