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An update on Bennettsville Animal Shelter: Gas chamber destroyed and pets going to rescues — 8 Comments

  1. Too bad the “gas chamber” was destroyed, as that is an even more humane way for any living thing to die than lethal injection. Go watch the video from BBC’s “Horizon” series – “The Science of Killing” to educate yourselves on this subject. Now you have condemned all animals that MUST be put-down to die by less humane methods. How “humane” and caring of you all. But then ignorance is as ignorance does. Spread some more of your ignorance around so even more animals have to die by less humane ways. Your roads to hell have been clearly paved.

  2. Such a happy story. Thanks, Elisa. I’ll bet rescue groups and others were about crazy because this shelter hindered animal rescues. Not allowing pics to be taken sends up a big, red flag.

  3. To be perfectly honest I had no idea anyone was still using gas to kill shelter animals. Animals in shelters should be afforded the same method of euthanasia as we demand for our beloved pets when the time comes. Even as kill shelters become fewer there has to be something to protect animals from being tortured just because they are unwanted.

    • I’m very glad the gas chamber was destroyed! But just because they are killed by a method other than gas chambers, doesn’t mean it’s not painful or that it’s done correctly. Some shelters use heart sticks which are very painful, etc. Some shelters underdose with kill serum according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which results in prolonged length of time to die.

      • It’s a long standing problem. I don’t know if there is a viable reason for a heart stick. My best guess is it should be illegal.

    • A gas-chamber is even more humane than the method that you demand your vet to use. Educate yourself on how inert non-toxic gases are used to induce hypoxia — loss of oxygen in the blood. Any living sentient thing passes away in a state of complete bliss, never even knowing they are facing death. This holds true for humans too, and has even earned the name “Rapture of the Deep” for deep-sea divers who get into that precarious situation. The experience is so blissful that they don’t even want to stop it. Should I ever be forced to choose how to die I would gladly choose death by hypoxia.

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