An Update On Cocoa And A Cat With My Name

Elisa Lucille

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Elisa Lucille

Elisa Lucille Lucy on my bed Elisa's shelter photo

First of all, I'd like to give everyone an update on Cocoa. Then I'll tell the readers here about a cat with my name.

Cocoa is doing well as far as adjusting to life in a new home. We moved him into Laura's bedroom so we can keep track of his eating and drinking. I'm worried about his food and water intake. He doesn't seem to have an appetite, which I can understand with no teeth and the abuse he has suffered from declawing.

Some people just don't deserve a cat and whoever had him should be shot! Later this morning I'll be headed to the store to buy him some very tasty food. I've had suggestions of baby food and tuna or chicken and rice. I believe I'll get him the baby food and also make up a batch of my homemade cat food.

I take chicken, mixed vegetables (Veg-all is good), whole oatmeal and a little oil and cook it all together. It looks horrible, but the cats fight over who gets the first serving. It's also a good balance between protein, vegetables, grains and oil and I consider it much safer than commercial food.

On the other hand, I'm also going to stock up on commercial cat food. The vet has already declared Cocoa healthy. We only need to convince him he has a reason to live. We also need a highly palatable food to make up for his warped sense of taste from being toothless.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Now I'd like to introduce everyone to my namesake. Elisa is a one year old female who was turned into the GCAC shelter by an emergency clinic after she'd been brought to the clinic after being hit by the car.

I really believe the emergency clinic expected GCAC to humanely euthanize her. Elisa was thought to have a broken jaw, but it turned out to be much less serious. She needed a tooth extraction and also needed to be spayed. The problem was neither operation would be scheduled until money was raised for her surgery and someone offered to rescue Elisa.

I don't know about the readers here, but I believe the GCAC employees saw me coming. How could I NOT rescue a cat named after me? Over $600 was raised for her surgery, which was performed on Monday and I rescued her on Tuesday evening.

It complicated things that Elisa was early into a pregnancy. She was spayed, the tooth was pulled, and my new kitty was sent home with a three day supply of kitty morphine. She also has roughly eight staples in her belly and will have to return to Greenville to have them removed at the end of the month.

****this image is defunct for some reason and has been removed - sorry.***
Photo by Elisa

Elisa has a much larger incision than any of my other rescues. I believe she had a little exploratory surgery to make sure all of the damage from the car accident was repaired.

Now for her name. Two Elisa's in the same house is too confusing. On my way to rescue her, it came into my head what a lucky cat she was to have survived. Since I already have a cat named Lucky, I dropped the "k" and decided to call her Lucy. The name suits her.

Lucy slept with me the first night. Not really, since neither of us really slept. We lay side by side on my pillow staring at each other. I can't believe how many beautiful cats I've been blessed with.

Lucy follows my daughter and I everywhere we go. She's very friendly and I hope she has a speedy recovery. No cat should ever have to go through what she has.

Here's a short movie I made of my new girl as she was very well drugged and tipsy from the pain killer's. Isn't she adorable?

I've already re-homed Shirley and have several of my cats up for adoption. I've even had a lady offer to pay me to care for the cats she pulls from GCAC.

In closing, I'd like to add something strange to this story. I asked the lady to send me photographs of all of the cats she has pulled who need someone to care for them. She only needs me to take a few of them. I looked at the photographs of the 16 cats and knew immediately which of them would fit in with my rescues.

Then I handed the computer to Laura and asked her to pick the cats SHE thought would do well. We chose the EXACT same cats!

I only hope people don't think I'm choosing one cat over another. I haven't been wrong yet so I much be doing something right. Gizzy hates cats, but I knew that when I chose to rescue her. She was the only exception to the rule. She will eventually find her forever home.

It feels good to be getting a reputation as a rescuer. People are coming to me and I'm doing all I can to help. Everyone should try saving a few cats. It's an indescribable feeling.

Until next time,


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An Update On Cocoa And A Cat With My Name

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Apr 26, 2011
Well Done you
by: Leah

Well done Elisa that poor cat no teeth and no claws. You're right the person SHOULD be shot who did that! You know something? This has never even been discussed as an issue! Plenty of older cats have to have their teeth out yet no one considers this when they declaw!

You're doing great work.

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