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Anarchy is breaking out in Blue Mountains, Australia as 65 cats have been killed by vigilantes — 30 Comments

  1. Maybe these graphs will make things a little clearer for the uneducated and ineducable cat-hoarders that are destroying all lives in their communities.

    Add promoting a man-made predator like cats into human behavior and those humans who promote cats are now killing all native wildlife around the whole planet on the order of nearly 1000X’s more than those humans who don’t promote cats. You can’t blame all other reasons on everyone else. You are also the cause of those, plus you torture to death billions of animals yearly with your cats. In the lower-48 states of the USA alone, you are torturing to death 2.4 billion (2,400 million) birds and 12.3 billion (12,300 million) other animals to death YEARLY. That’s 6.6 MILLION birds PER DAY and 33.7 MILLION other animals PER DAY. You are, without any doubt left in the known universe, the MOST despicable and destructive humans anywhere on earth. And then you wonder why everyone else on earth hates and despises every last one of you.

    “Drivers of Bird Declines”

      • And as far as all pet-owners go, you’re even THE WORST for global-warming issues.

        You’ve got absolutely no defense to your overwhelming reprehensible actions. NONE, none at all.

        • Rather strangely, you are replying to your own comment. In any case, you must remind yourself that in the article I have made it clear that the people concerned should have kept their cats confined. You fail to mention that. These people should realise that there are cat haters around like yourself who like to kill cats. They have a duty to look after their cats and protect them against people like you. You never mention the fact that humans are the biggest killers of wildlife on the planet by far. They probably kill a hundred times more wildlife and cats do. You conveniently ignore that simple fact but I can’t quote supporting evidence for it but common sense dictates that it is true and I am including that the wild cats. You conveniently also fail to discuss wild cat species.

          I am always open to discussion. I am always open to the alternative viewpoint and see the sense of pet confinement but you have a completely closed mind and you are incapable of being polite when discussing the domestic and feral cat and their predation on wildlife. This is an uncomfortable and unpleasant aspect of your character. You cannot rein it in. With that attitude you will never be accepted on forums. And you will never be able to get your argument across.

          I have publish your comments this time for the simple fact that I do not like censorship. Sometimes it is forced upon me by your gross impoliteness but if I can I will publish because we need to hear the alternative viewpoint and we need to respect the viewpoint of others. However, sadly, you are like a bad record, a broken record or a tape on a loop. You constantly repeat the same thing without proper supporting evidence and you constantly tell us that people who love cats are horrible “cat lickers”.

          You are as mad as a broomstick. You are as mad as a barrel full of frogs. Go away and leave us alone.

    • As you have continued to insult people including me on this page I will have to ban you. Secondly you constantly quote figures and charts et cetera but nobody truthfully knows how much predation of wildlife goes on by outside cats including feral cats. They are all based upon rather small studies. The figures are then extrapolated to cover the entire country. Therefore these figures are unreliable. Cat haters like yourself like to use them to promote your agenda. You will have to do better than that. Henceforth you are banned.

      • What the troll wants is all out war on cats. BTW cats are not manmade they domesticated largely on their own and to human benefit.
        FYI in case the troll can read all animals adapt to predation so one study in one year is not a true indication of how many birds are being lost in an ongoing number. Nature is not stuck in a rut and animals are really rather clever.
        My own observation Michael was that after I put up feeders to entertain my indoor cats that over a period of about 10 years the number and variety of birds increased despite the fact that my negligent relatives were running a feral cat breeding program next door.
        That said I do and firmly believe that our domestic pets belong on their owners property or in their homes and we no longer live in a society where free range pets are acceptable.
        Once again cats are not manmade predators.

  2. Is it just me, or does “Woody” (and all his aliases) give the impression that he is actually a true cat-lover who enjoys riling other cat lovers just to keep excitement in life?

    • Well, I think you are wrong! He hates cats because they kill birds. He is an ornithologist. He lives by the sea in Galveston. He is a bird lover. He shoots feral cats.

    • No Woody is a garden variety troll who hates cats and uses the fact that cats will kill birds as an excuse to vent his internal mental issues to kill something.
      Lots of things kill birds. Humans are at the top of the list.

  3. There are some stone cold, animal hating subhumans in the world. Some people love cats; some love dogs. Some people love both. But normal people have feelings for all sentient beings no matter where their individual preference lies.

    • Thank you. This sentiment is expressed by mentally healthy people instead of vigilante forays into the dark of night to murder cats or trolling on internet sites where the current troll has found a perch to roost on and try to stir the pot.

  4. Proof of your inbred hypocrisies and ignorance:

    What should the punishment be for a person who lets their dog kill your cat?

    What should the punishment be for you letting your cat kill your neighbors rabbits or other pet animals?

    Not that any of you will ever look in your own mirrors, but it’s worth a shot to show you just how despicable and two-faced you all are. And to this PRECISE extent is how everyone in the world now sees you hypocritical and useless cat-lickers. Then you wonder why people not only hate all cats, but anyone and everyone who owns cats. You have nobody to blame for that perfectly true assessment of you but YOURSELVES.

  5. Cat hate is deeper than just hating cats it is a socially acceptable hate. I loath dogs but mostly keep it to myself as dog lovers can go bonkers if you so much as mention you don’t care for their slobbering barking clingy needy smelly furbaby. I also respect the rights of others despite my personal preferences and don’t go about harming their loose or noise generating beast but instead have , though it was a struggle, worked within the confines of the law to resolve the issue.
    Finding a tame cat and no one is likely to grab a feral cat and hang it is an outlet for sadistic behaviors that have nothing to do with cats. Only sick people torture an animal. I’ll repeat that. Only sick people torture an animal.
    People need to wise up and keep their cats at home and teach them to walk on leads or build secure enclosures.
    Human nature does not operate in a vacuum anyone capable of the kinds of cruelty mentioned would not hesitate to transfer it onto helpless vulnerable human victims.
    AC does little to help the feral cat population in ANY country. Cats are at the bottom of the resource ladder in every shelter I have ever been it.
    As quoted in a movie that I never finished watching a man opens a door and a cat hisses at him the other man said what’s wrong with the cat, the reply, it’s a cat.
    Silence makes the authorities here complicit and just as guilty as the subhumans carrying the kitty genocide.
    Stop letting your cat roam. At the same time no one should fear that their cat be killed for slipping out or other circumstances where they might escape. You humane trap and fine the owners. You don’t kill the cat.

    • But it’s perfectly okay for you….

      (deleted because it is insulting and rude. Damn you. Don’t insult visitors to PoC. You can’t keep your tongue civil can you? You are truly an unpleasant person. (Admin))

      • But it’s perfectly okay for you and all your other visitors to insult anyone and everyone. Is there no fathomless depth to your own hypocrisies? Apparently not. Your very existence is a complete and total insult to all of humanity and all life on earth. But you already know that, don’t you. It’s why this is the only contact you can ever have with any humans as infinitely worthless as yourself.

  6. It appears that you all have 2 and only 2 choices.

    1. Convince everyone to stop shooting, poisoning, beheading, and hanging your 100%-expendable cats for you.

    2. Convince all cat-owners to be responsible and respectable adults who actually value the lives of their cats and keep them home and safe from all harms.

    Which of those only 2 options do you think you’ll have any success at? You’ll never stop option 1, that’s going to go on as long as there are free roaming cats that nobody cares how they die, not even the owners care how they die. Do you think you can solve the problem with option 2? Complaining about option 1 isn’t going to change a damn thing. There’s over 130 million stray cats now in the USA that also have to die, no matter how they die. Everyone knows this now.

    I suggest you start working on campaign number 2. It’s your only option if you don’t want to read about shot, poisoned, beheaded, and hanged cats every day of your lives for the rest of your lives.

    • Well, if the police were doing their job they would carry out option number one by arresting them. But as the police are not doing their job they won’t do it. The answer is to tackle both options at the same time. But that did not occur to you because you are a cat hater. If you had read my article completely you will see that I found it very surprising that these cat owners did not keep their cats inside. Therefore I do not know why you are trolling me because I recommend that people keep their cats confined but in the best possible way. So for example, where there is enough space they should have outdoor garden enclosures in order to provide a cat with a decent lifestyle and some stimulation.

      But please don’t write to me in your high-handed manner; in your arrogant way trying to lecture me. I dislike it. It is unpleasant. If you do it again I’ll ban you, you shit.

      • Then you’ve clearly answered everyone’s questions.

        You don’t really care about the lives of cats at all. You only care how you can manipulate and control others through the use of your 100%-expendable animal-sacrifices. You know perfectly well that nobody in the world can be convicted of killing cats if they use the SSS and TDSS cat-management programs that are the most popular methods today (shoot, shovel, shut-up; and trap, drown, shovel, shut-up). No laws in the world will stop people from killing your vermin cats today by any means. Just like no laws in the world will ever turn you into responsible and respectable adults and pet-owners. But you already know this. That’s why you want to place the blame on the rest of the world instead of the blame’s rightful owners — yourselves.

        So be it then — more sacrificial dead and mutilated cats that you can use for click-bait for your site. How could you survive without them? You couldn’t.

        After all, that’s the only thing that really matters to you and your kind, isn’t it.

        • You fly your true colors with the vermin cat comment. Tell me do you advocate the same treatment for loose dogs ?
          I believe that Michael pointed out that pet owners were largely responsible for their pets death or injury for letting the roam in the first place.
          As stated previous I don’t care for dogs but my hatred is really directed at their lousy negligent human owners therefore I don’t take my aggression out on innocent animals. I don’t attack humans either but rather go through the frustrating process of using the law to remedy the situation.

          • It is mandatory by law in nearly every, if not every, state of the USA to shoot any dog on sight that is seen harassing wildlife. This is why feral dog-packs are a rarity in most areas. They are SHOT before things get that bad. I keep a paintball-gun loaded with red-pellets for any stray dogs. Stings enough to teach a teachable dog, and leaves a nice signal on their coat. The first time they get the paintball gun (and MAYBE a 2nd time too if they seem to be a well-mannered dog). If that doesn’t teach the owner and alert them to what could have REALLY happened to their dog, then sadly nobody is learning anything — so out comes the rifle next time their dog is seen chasing wildlife.

            Cats aren’t so easily forgiven, because from past experience I know that warning a cat-licker JUST LIKE YOU makes absolutely no difference whatsoever (as anyone knows who has ever tried to deal with any of them. I and the sheriff tried that failed method of trying to reason-with cat-lickers JUST LIKE YOU for over 15 years while their cats annihilated all the native wildlife on my lands — from smallest of prey up to the top predators that cats had starved to death by turning all their foods into tortured-to-death play-toys for their cats. And if the native animals were not starved out or killed directly, then all their offspring that were forced to starve-to-death when the parents no longer returned to feed their offspring.

            Cat-owners JUST LIKE YOU could really care less about their outdoor cats (or any animals, or any other life on earth for that matter, they would even rather that all humans died than their vermin cats — i.e. pure sociopaths) and they don’t really care how ANY of their cats die. So out comes the rifle on the first sighting of a cat instead of the paintball-gun. They don’t care how their free-roaming community-VERMIN cat is going to die, so why on earth should anyone else? Nobody has the time to put up with a cat-licker’s BS, nonsense, deceptions, and lies. I most certainly learned that the hard way. (At the cost of countless thousands and thousands of native animals on my lands that their vermin invasive-species cats gutted-alive and skinned-alive, tortured to death for cats’ play-toys, over a 2-decade cat-pestilence.)

            People who actually care about their animals keep them confined and supervised, or they lose them — permanently. You can tell who actually loves their animals because their animals are still alive. If you treat your animal as an expendable thing then so will everyone else. Again, you have nobody but yourselves to blame for the deaths of any of your domesticated animals that you let roam free.

            PSA: The time is now …. Half-Past Kill-Kitty O’Clock …. do you know where your piece-of-shît, disease-infested, invasive species, ecological-disaster, community-vermin cat is? If not, grab a shovel and we’ll show you where its new “loving furever-home” is now. They are now happy little packets of FURRtilizer in their new loving FURRever homes making for wonderful rose-bushes and gardens. Bring a metal-detector in case you were responsible enough to collar and license your cat — that might help you to reclaim your ILLEGAL VERMIN before you are fined and convicted of every last domesticated animal-neglect, animal-abandonment, animal-endangerment law, bio-warfare and bio-terrorism law, and every last invasive-species-act on earth. Got a bank-account? We’ll take it!

            • So you admit to animal cruelty and yes people have gotten in trouble for shooting dogs, cats and wildlife with paintball guns.
              You seem to take great delight in causing pain to animals that is a red flag for mental illness.
              You obviously know little about the issue of feral dogs even within cities.
              PSA any outside animals I’ve ever had were properly housed, fenced, cages and cared for far above what the law dictates as mandatory.
              I may be nasty foul mouthed and not mince word over what I think of someone’s loose , nasty and noisy dog imposing on my life and crapping on my yard but oddly I never rise to the level of pure vitriol you have. If I return a problem dog as I often did when we had livestock I didn’t mince any words about the consequences if the animal continued to harass or kill my livestock.
              Inadvertently you hit on the core issue. People who treat their pets like expendable property and then cry when the worst happens. Of course that is no excuse for miscreants like you who seems to wait with baited breath for your chance to kill a cat.

              • Hey moron, if shooting animals was animal cruelty then nobody could go hunting anywhere in the world. And haw about all those animals that you have BOILED ALIVE for your cats’ food? Should we lock you up every time you buy a can of cat-food? According to you you are mentally ill for supporting the existence of food for your vermin cats.

              • Hey moron, if shooting animals was animal cruelty then nobody could go hunting anywhere in the world. And how about all those animals that you have BOILED ALIVE for your cats’ food? Should we lock you up every time you buy a can of cat-food? According to you you are mentally ill for supporting the existence of food for your vermin cats.

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