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Anatomy of a Cat’s Claw — 8 Comments

  1. Very good picture Micheal.It’s horrible to take such an important part of a cats anatomy away and I can hardly believe it’s still legal in the USA and that people want it done to their cat anyway.
    Everyones reaction here in the UK to the very thought of declawing is disgust at the vets doing it and the people having it done to their cats.
    I hope this blog goes far and wide and educates the people who shouldn’t have a cat as they obviously don’t know the first thing about them.

    • Hi Rose. It always surprises me (actually shocks me) that people in the USA who declaw their cats and the vets who do it are so different in their attitude to the rest of the world. It just seems weird to me.

      • It seems weird to me too. I can’t get my head around why someone who doesn’t like it that cats have claws would get a cat????
        Yet vets get the entire blame by many American and Canadian people, can’t people fathom out for themselves that cats have claws because they need them?

  2. Thanks so much for a great addition to the educational material out there! I have been using a similar drawing for about 10 years in my practices. I give it out in kitten packs with information on how to train cats to scratch appropriately. Once I started using this drawing, I was asked by clients to declaw very rarely. Education really works!

    • God, I love to hear what you have said. We agree that it is about education and using that education to benefit cats and the people who care for cats. There is lots more to do. It actually surprising me that so many people don’t really understand what the declawing operation is when asking a vet to do it. Thanks for commenting. Appreciated.

  3. This is brilliant Michael and I’m posting the link to all the facebook anti declaw groups for the thousands of members to use to help educate with. There are still people who believe it’s ‘only the claw’ removed, even though that is impossible, as you prove here.
    Declaw vets should be forced to end this cruel surgery immediately.

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